Sunday, 25 January 2015

Download WhatsApp for Nokia XL Asha [ 305, 501, 200, 210, 205, 200 ]

The best application which can make or break selling graph of any smartphone or featured mobile phone is WhatsApp. When it comes to smartphones running on Android Jelly Bean or later versions of the OS, then WhatsApp is available definitely but on any other Android device or devices running on different platform still don’t have that chance. One very popular platform is Asha from Nokia and here I’m sharing a guide on how to download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha.

There are many smartphones available in this Asha series and they all run Asha platform developed by Nokia. This platform was developed to target very low-end or initial price point where people were earlier not able to buy a good smartphone. So they can buy a Nokia Asha phone and have bunch of smartphone level features including WhatsApp.

WhatsApp for Nokia Asha

This is the same WhatsApp application which you’re already familiar with. Either you’ve used it on your own smartphone or on your friend’s one. The WhatsApp for Nokia Asha platform is pretty much simpler than what you’ve used on Android or iOS platform or any other platform.

There are lesser options in the menu but they are all sufficient to move on the basic facilities which you must be looking to use in this social networking application. You need to pay to continue using it after one year while for starting year you’ll get it for free. This app got very simple to use user interface with which you’ll become familiar in the very initial moments.
Using it you can send unlimited text messages, share images, videos and other supported files. Geo-location can’t be shared in this special version of the app because of incompatibility with the hardware. You can create or join groups to further extend the fun you can have while using WhatsApp to stay connected with your friend circle.

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How to Download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha Phone

You need to have Nokia Asha featured mobile phone in your end which is connected to a Wi-Fi network and then follow the steps mentioned down here as it is.
  1. Move into Settings of your Asha phone and tap on Phone Update settings. 
  2. There you’ll see an option to update the phone software to any latest available version which will be downloaded over Wi-Fi. So do that by following on screen instructions there. 
  3. Once software is updated then you’ll see WhatsApp icon in the Menu where all apps are arranged. Now simply tap on that. 
  4. The app will be downloaded now and you need to follow on screen instructions there to continue. It will be installed later automatically. 
  5. If you don’t see WhatsApp icon in third step above then start Store app and find out WhatsApp there and follow on screen instructions there to install the app. 
Or Alternate you can download whatsapp directly on your Nokia asha Phone.
Download Whatsapp for Nokia XL, Asha 305 => Direct Link 
Download Whatsapp for Nokia asha ( for all models ) => Direct Link 
Download Whatsapp from Official Ovi Store => Official Link
So this was the simple way to download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha phones and I hope you didn’t find any situations meeting error. I’m hoping that you’ll share this guide with all of your friends using Nokia Asha mobile phones. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

7 Best Notepad Tricks and Tips that you Must Try

No matter for what reason you’re using your Microsoft’s Windows running computer or laptop, you simply just can’t ignore one particular tool. It’s none other than Notepad and it’s the basic text editor application provided in almost every version of Windows OS by the Microsoft. No doubt, it’s a pretty handy tool and here I’m sharing 7 best Notepad tricks which you’ll love to know.


#1 Creating Diary with Timestamp

Simply open a Notepad file, type .LOG in first line and then save it with name and extension as Log.txt anywhere on your system. Now whenever you’ll start this Notepad file again then it acts like a diary which keeps record of what data was entered at what time and date.
So it works just like a diary with timestamp. If you’re looking for simplest note taking application then start using this trick I’ve shared here.

#2 Disable Mouse

The mouse attached to any system can be turned off using a simple trick. Simply open a Notepad file and paste following code into it.
rem Disable Mouse
set key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\system\CurrentControlSet\Services\Mouclass"
reg delete %key%
reg add %key% /v Start /t REG_DWORD /d 4
Now save the file with any name but use ‘.bat’ as file extension. That’s it! Once this file starts running, mouse will not be working anymore on any system.

#3 Creating Fake Errors on Windows

You must be aware of what’s an error message in Windows and you can create any sort of custom error message using Notepad with ease.
Simply start it, type ‘X=Msgbox(“Error Message”, 0+16,”Title Here”) and save this file as ‘error.vbs’. 
In the place of Error Message and Title Here above, you can add any of your custom error text which you wish to be part of this funny trick. Whenever you’ll open that file, the custom message you wrote in will start in. It’s a good trick to amuse your friends.

#4 Make Keyboard Lights join Disco

The three lights which are always there on every keyboard and any other lights if your particular keyboard has, can be made dance onto a disco. You can make these lights to act as disco lights with Notepad.


Simply open a Notepad file and paste following code into it, as it is. Save the file with any name but keep ‘.vbs’ as extension.
Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
wscript.sleep 100
wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{NUMLOCK}"
wshshell.sendkeys "{SCROLLLOCK}"
You can’t stop these lights once they are started dancing. Only way to stop them is to start Task Manager and stop ‘wscript.exe’ process from there.

#5 Enabling Voice of your Computer

You can make your computer read any text you enter there. This is a cool Notepad trick that all of you must try out.
Open a new Notepad file and paste in the code as mentioned down here. Once done, save it as ‘speak.vbs’.
Dim message, sapi
message=InputBox(“Type Text to Speak”,”Speak to Me”)
Set sapi=CreateObject(“sapi.spvoice”)
sapi.Speak message 
Anytime you wish to start this trick, double click on that file and a small window will open up. You can enter any text which you wish your system to read out load.

#6 Matrix Effect Trick

I’m aware of the fact that you all love the Matrix movie, particularly the scene in which tons of code runs through a computer screen. If you want then same can be done at your end as well.
Open a new Notepad file and paste following code into it. Now save it with any name but with ‘.bat’ extension.

@echo off
color 02
echo %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random% %random%
goto start

#7 Repeat Messages Continuously

Once you run this trick then since the notepad file is opened it will continuously speaking a particular error message or any message you type in there.
Simply open a new Notepad file and paste following code into it. Save it with an extension of ‘.bat’ and it’s done.
@ECHO off
msg * Hello
msg * Welcome to My Blog
Do let me know which particular trick you liked the most? You can share it in below comments

Friday, 23 January 2015

Hay Day for PC/Laptop Free Download | Windows 7, Android apk, iPad

hay day on pc: Supercell developer came up with a mind blowing and breath taking game named Hay Day which was based on farming but it was having everything simply superb. Earlier it was available only for iOS users but later it came to Android as well. Now total numbers of users of this game on both platforms is beyond count but still there are many people who are still waiting this game to come for PC platform. Officially there is no such announcement yet but I’ll let you know a way using which you can download Hay Day for PC and this way is going to be genuine and secure from all sides.
This game is available under Family category on the Google play store and you can even find it on iTunes app store. At starting game is available for free to play but there are some paid features within the game which you need to ignore and chose hard way to continue playing it for free. I’ll let you know features of this game in starting itself and later you can deal with the installation process which is going to be simple from every point of view. In case you still find any trouble then you need to simply let me know about it via comment section and I’ll bring the solution at your end as soon as I can.

Hay Day Game Features for Windows

  • This is a farming game as I already stated in starting itself and you’re going to have awesome game playing experience. 
  • Graphics performance is of top notch quality and you’re definitely going to love whatever you’re seeing there within. 
  • Even sound effects are amazing as they are inspired by real life similar events to give you better game playing experience. 
  • You need to cultivate lots of crops, harvest plants and trees and they will provide end products which you need to sell in city market to earn cash. 
  • You can also keep lots of animals and feed them to get end products from them which can also give you cash back. 
  • Your main task is to get your farming profile raised up higher than all of your friends. Yes this game can be played online using all your Facebook friends. 

Hay Day for iOS Device

To download Hay Day game for iPad or iPhone devices you need to follow below mentioned download link from your particular iOS device.

Hay Day for Android Device

To download Hay Day game for smartphone or tablet Android devices you need to follow below mentioned download link from your particular Android device.

How to Download Hay Day for PC - Windows & MAC

In order to deal with the installation process of Hay Day game on computer you need to simply follow the simple steps as mentioned down here. But before starting make sure that your Windows machine is working on latest version of graphics driver.
  • First you need to download BlueStacks app player software which is available for free over its official website. (Bluestacks Offline Installer)
  • Next is to click on installer file of BlueStacks you got right now and then start following on screen instructions to finish the installation process from your side which will be completed automatically. 
  • Next step ahead of you is to click on BlueStacks shortcut and then use its search tool available within its user interface to find out Hay Day Android game.
  • At last you need to click on install option ahead of the game you found in search result to finish things off from your side. 
And this is it! You can relax now since everything is done and the game will be installed automatically. You can start it any time you wish to play from My Apps section of BlueStacks software and I hope you’re going to share this guide with your friends as well.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Top 10 Best WhatsApp Tricks and Tips for Android, iPhone, iPad of 2015

If we forget about Facebook then WhatsApp is the only application which had got users in billions of numbers and you’re definitely going to get addicted of using it. I can feel that you’re already a user of WhatsApp and completely comfortable using it. But now it’s time to learn some tricks so that you can help yourself or can amuse your friends by performing those tricks.

10 Best WhatsApp Tricks of 2015

So here in this article I’ll be writing about 10 best WhatsApp tricks of 2015 which you should be aware of and believe me you’re definitely going to share this article with all of your friends because of its worthy.

#1 Hide ‘Last Seen’ option

‘Last Seen’ is a timestamp which users are able to see of other users in their contact list which help them to know at what time a particular contact was online last time. This is a great utility feature but in case if you want to keep privacy then it isn’t remains as a feature.
So to remove or hide ‘last seen’ option all you need to do is to move into Settings among WhatsApp and move into Account. Move into Privacy and there you’ll find an option labeled ‘Last Seen’. Disable that and it’s done.

#2 Backup/Restore WhatsApp Chats

Keeping backup of all your WhatsApp chats is important because you can restore the data anytime you want. In case if you lost your previous mobile phone or you buying new due to any other reason then having a backup is definitely going to help you.

backup whatsapp messages
To backup, move into Settings and there you’ll find Chat Settings. Right there you’ll find an option to create Backup of all conversations and it can be find on SD card. To restore a backup, you need to login with your account and automatically the backup will be resorted. There is no manual restoring method though.

#3 Activate WhatsApp without Phone Number

This is a vital trick as WhatsApp can’t be used without phone number but here I’m sharing a trick that can help you achieving the same without any issues.
  1. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your device. 
  2. Put the mobile phone into Flight Mode. 
  3. Simply start WhatsApp and enter your phone number and follow on screen instructions as it is. 
  4. Since no network is available so WhatsApp won’t be able to send Text message to verify and will opt you to go to alternative way. Select that. 
  5. Fill up your email address and click on ‘Send’ button right there. Now instantly click on ‘Cancel’ option. 
To activate account finally use Spoof text message for Android and Fake-a-Message for iPhone and enter following details,
To: +447900347295
From: +[Country code][mobile number]
Message: Your email address
A forge message will be sent and account will be activated instantly.

#4 Send Files of any Extension

Simply install either Cloud Send or Whats Packed 2 ads app and using it you’ll be able to send file to any WhatsApp contact of any extension including videos and pictures.
Alternatively it’s not possible because WhatsApp only allows pictures and video format files to be sent. So this trick is valuable.

#5 Hide Profile Picture of WhatsApp

Simply move into Settings and then select Account privacy.

hide profile pic in whatsapp
Over here you’ll find an option using which you can select whether your profile picture is to be visible to everyone or your friends or nobody.

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#6 Disable Auto Image Download

In order to disable auto image download feature of WhatsApp you need to move into Settings then Chat Settings and then into Media Auto Download. Simply disable this feature and there you go. 

By default WhatsApp automatically downloads every image which can consume a lot of data if you’re connected to a limited data volume connection or slow speed connection.

#7 Lock WhatsApp

Install an Android app named WhatsApp Lock and once its installed and enabled your WhatsApp application will be locked by a separate password.

lock whatsapp from password
Here separate means that your phone password isn’t going to unlock WhatsApp so even if someone is using your phone then he/she won’t be able to see through WhatsApp chats.

#8 Create Contact Shortcuts

You can simply create shortcut of any contact and put it on home screen so that you can directly access to its conversation at single click. To do that, you need to start WhatsApp and long tap on any contact you wish to create shortcut for.
A menu will open and there you need to tap on option ‘Add conversation shortcut’ and that’s it. It’s done now.

#9 Install WhatsApp on Tablet

Officially WhatsApp isn’t available for Tablet PCs but you can do that by simply downloading APK file of WhatsApp from here and then installing using it. Once this app is installed then you can use the trick I had shared above to activate your profile and phone number.

#10 WhatsApp Notifications on Desktop/Laptop/PC

Either using Mac or Windows, simply install Pushbullet app on your device using WhatsApp app and enable Desktop Notifications feature for WhatsApp app.

whatsapp notification on pc
Then install Pushbullet extension for Chrome or Firefox and there you go. You’ll start receiving active notifications of WhatsApp right on your desktop.

So I hope guys you enjoyed this Latest whatsapp tricks on your Android and iOS Smartphone. If you have any other Cool whatsapp tip then feel free to share with us in comments. Thanks for Reading 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Download .Net Framework 4.5, 4.0, 3.5 Offline Standalone installer [32 and 64 bit]

Microsoft applications and systems are still worth, no matter how many alternatives we can have in modern days. When it comes to affordable computing system then Microsoft still got its place and here I’m sharing a guide on how to download .Net Framework standalone installer so that you can install latest version.
Over here I’m going to teach your about the features of .Net Framework and the exact reason why you need to install this update software on your Windows system. Once you’re aware of every fact and feature then I’ll provide direct link following which you’ll be able to install latest version of .Net Framework.

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Features of .Net Framework 

Because of the fact that most of the applications and softwares are developed using .Net Framework still, so we need to install it in order to run those applications or softwares. This is the prime reason behind the need of this standalone software update.

  • It provides a base for those software or applications which are developed using Microsoft technologies and programming languages and hence enables smooth working of them.
  • Alternatively you won’t find it that easy to run those applications and softwares without issues which no one want to experience. So you should be installing it in order to ignore issues from starting itself.
  • Officially it is available in online installer mode which is little tedious because you need to have a continuously working speedy internet connection which isn’t the case with everyone. So the best way left out is to use offline installer which needs to be downloaded only once.
  • Also there are high chances that .Net Framework is already installed on your system. If automatic update feature is enabled for Windows system then there must be a version of this .Net Framework installed for sure.
  • But its not sure whether that version is latest or not. So still you need to download this latest version and perform its installation so that your computer is running on latest version.
  • Once this latest version will be installed then it clearly means that your system is upgraded and applications and softwares will run without any issues. The most common issue found because of older version is compatibility one.

Download .Net Framework Standalone Installer

In order to get offline installer file of latest version, you need to follow the direct download link mentioned down here as it is.
Once you click on above link then a file will be downloaded which is offline installer and once its downloaded completely then you need to simply double click on that and start following on screen instructions to complete its installation with ease.

In case of need for any assistance, let me know via comment section and I’ll bring the solution at your end as soon as I can. I hope you found the solution here.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Download Tango for PC Laptop Free | Windows XP/7/8.1 & MAC

If you’re looking for a new generation Skype app alternative then Tango is the one that I’ll recommend any day. Tango Messenger is the one which you can use to send texts, share pictures, videos and can even make free voice and video calls. All these things at no cost and that’s what the reason why you’re going to love it.
In case if you don’t get an Android or iOS devices which is compatible with it then not to worry as here I’m sharing a guide on how to download Tango for PC.

It’s a social messaging app that is available under Social category for free and that’s the first reason you should be using it or at least try it once. The developer is registered and even got listed among Top Developers of Google play store which clearly indicates the quality of app you’re going to use right now.

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Features of Tango app

  • You can use Tango Messenger app to send any number of text messages right away to any contact in the list who is also using the same app on the other hand.
  • The same app can be used to make free voice and video calls and this is another best reason why you’ll love this app.
  • It got elegant and simple to use user interface which is another additional feature as you’ll quickly learn how to use it for the purpose.
  • No login or password required within there and that’s how it works just better than Skype or any other alternative.
Download Tango Messenger from Official website : Download Here

Steps to Download Tango for PC

To start with you need to make sure that the graphics driver version of your laptop or computing system is updated to the latest version and down here are the final steps you need to follow as it is to get the thing done.
  • First thing to do is to download BlueStacks app player software on your computer. This is the software you’ll need for this installation to happen without any issues and I can guarantee that it’s going to work. ( Download Bluestacks )
  • Once you got the installer file downloaded then double click on that and it will start the installation of the software. You just need to follow on screen instructions which are simple like next, next, next, finish. 
  • Once everything is done then the software is ready to go. It  will take some time because the installer is online and the total time depends on speed of your internet connection. 
  • Once done, start the software and within the BlueStacks you’ll find a search tool on top left corner. You need to click on that and it will open up. 
  • Now put in ‘Tango’ as search term and soon you’ll find results. Click on the first result you see there. 
  • Then the app will open up in the Google play store within single click and then you need to click on ‘install’ option right there. 
  • At last you’ll be asked to login into your Google account in order to enable synchronization. You must be aware of the fact that Google login is needed to move ahead to install Android apps and games. 

That’s all needed to be done and within few minutes of time and then you can start running it with ease. First start BlueStacks and then start Tango app anytime you wish to use it.

Friday, 16 January 2015

Top Real Estate Apps in 2015 for Android - 10 Best India Real Etate Websites

Smartphone has grown to aver large extent and with the advent of using apps has made it easy for everyone to do their work smartly.Similarly real estate is a kind of business where people tend to use these kinds of Apps because it makes their work faster and even master.I guess there are very less industries left with these types of innovative apps.Most of these apps finds abetter home for a real estate broker or Agent.

Real estate apps not just for brokers or Agents but even buyers , Sellers and Renters can find better home to Buy, Rent and Invest in.So, I would advise everyone to have the best real estate apps which can help you find your lucky home or Deal.

Top 10 Best Real Estate Apps

1. Zillow

Zillow is the world's best real estate apps that can help you find best estates and houses in US.Browse all houses for sale, rent and Invest in US with over million listings.You can find any rental listing for Tenants, single family, Large family and even villa.It is really an worth to try app in estate industry where you can find best home for your family.

2. Google Maps

Are you a growing real estate agent then you've got to have Google maps app in your pocket always.You can easily track any address of estate, home or buyers to pick up from.It makes your way for making more buyers easier.The best part is that Google maps is for free and you can install it on IOS, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Get Google maps from Here

3. App is an International marketplace to buy homes and real estate.This is the best and accurate real estate app to search for Homes , Apartments to buy and rent.You ca search from more than 900 million listings and more get added in every 15 minutes.You can get more details for every property like pictures, price and much more.Custom search an sort option to find best homes.
  • Get Relator app from Here

4. Trulia Real Estate App

Trulia is one of the top rated real estate app which shows you nearby homes, apartments and houses to buy  or rent in no time.It has an inbuilt GPS features to find best homes around your area or anywhere you like.It provides you with home facts, details, pictures,real time notification when homes near you hit the market.So, I would advise everyone to check Trulia once.

5. Mortgage Calculator

Mortgage calculator is a web and mobile platform based calculator which easily calculates the amount of mortgage to be paid accurately depending on most of the factors.It calculates the amount to be paid as your mortgage till the next payment date is due.

6. Sitegeist

Sitegeist is a special app for Agents or Brokers who have multitude uses to find what's better and interesting about a particular area or neighborhood as per your needs.It gets you almost every data about a particular area like avg age of residents, political contribution and avg temperature.This app may be useful for agents to find facts about any interesting place they would like to know.

7. 99 Acres Real Estate App

Are you finding it difficult to find the best properties, Homes and Apartments to rent or buy in India then 99 acres is the best app to help you.I would add that it is a great house hunting app with lots of features like sort options and go search to fin homes in seconds.Gather quick information or else call the property owner immediate.It helps you to save money easily than hiring a broker in the middle.

8. MagicBrick Property Search

MagicBrick is one of the finest property search app with more than 5 lac properties all over India.You can buy, sell all kinds of rental, residential and commercial properties in India.You can fond over 800,000 listings in different cities.They offer different features like Property advise, Locality, Political Contribution, Rates, Trends and more details regarding Buyers.You can do wise decision by choosing the correct home.

9. Domain

Domain is Australia's  highest rated mobile application with over 2.7 million downloads from different mobile OS.You can find different homes, Apartments, Lands to buy or rent at your fingertips.It has amazing maps features to locate any land using maps.Property alert to know when any property area hit in market.You can contacts to buyers or agents directly.Get features, details and pictures of the property with a swipe.
  • Download Domain app for Android from here

10. India Property App is among the leading real estate companies in India with lacks of properties to rent and buy.You can search for any property and filer using their options to find the best one.View according to your city and find the best location.

  • Get app for Android from here

The above article is inspired from best real estate apps from techbuk. If you want to check few more  real estate apps you can check here.

How to Remove/Unlist Phone Number from Truecaller

Truecaller is a global phone number directory which is comprise of millions of contact list of millions of its users and any user which is having a profile with this application can scan through number and find out name and other available details. This is a simple definition of Truecaller and I hope you’re already using it.
remove unlist mobile number from truecaller
This application got lots of benefits of using it as it can automatically find out and will inform you name and other available details or any unknown phone number for your mobile device but this particular feature becomes an issue when you don’t wish to let other people know details of your phone number.

Remove/Unlist Your Phone Number from Truecaller

In this situation need of removing phone number from Truecaller occurs and here I’m sharing a simple guide on how to remove/unlist your phone number from Truecaller. It is a simple process and I can guarantee that your phone number will be removed from directory and database of Truecaller. But if any of your friends is having your phone number in their contact list and he/she joins Truecaller afterwards then chances of getting your phone number listed again are possible.

So there is no possible perfect formula available to skip this Truecaller enlisting but still you can try it once just for the sake.
  1. Open Browser application on your computer. 
  2. Open website of Truecaller or follow this link directly. 
  3. Login with your credentials so that your profile can come up. 
  4. Visit this particular webpage and scroll down a bit. 
  5. Now enter your phone number. Enter Verification details and click on ‘Unlist’ option down there. 
That’s it! The process is over and I recommend that you read terms and conditions mentioned right there on the unlist webpage of Truecaller so that you can be aware of all truths and lies. I hope the process was simple and you finally get rid of Truecaller database. Within little time, your phone number will be deleted from Truecaller database and you won’t find it there.

You can confirm it by checking your phone number using its search tool after some time whether number is being deleted or not. I hope you’re going to share this guide with your friends over social networks.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Send *Happy) Sankranti Whatsapp Status, SMS, Messages

The First Festival that would strike on our minds every New Year would be Happy Sankranti 2015 AKA Happy Pongal 2015.This is not a single day festival but infact its celebrated for three days namely Happy Bhogi 2015 , Happy Makar Sankranti 2015 and Happy Kanuma 2015.Happy Sankranti 2015 is celebrated in joy that farmers would receive the crop for harvest.On this day people usually worship the cattle and Cook the newly harvest crop.This festival is mostly exciting for children as they would get to Fly the Kites and in many cities like Bangalore Kite Festivals are also Conducted.We often wish each other for every festival so here's a huge collection of Happy Sankranti 2015 Whatsapp Status DP Messages Greetings and Wishes for your friends family and loved ones.
Happy Sankranti 2015 Whatsapp Status DP Free
As we are inching closer towards Happy Sankranti 2015 here is a Latest Collection of Happy Pongal 2015,Happy Sankranti 2015 Whatsapp DP Status Messages and Wishes for your Friends and Family.First Let us see some Best Happy Sankranti 2015 Whatsapp Status

Happy Sankranti 2015 Whatsapp Status Messages

Every other season comes along And I'm all right But then I miss u, most at Pongal time.

Heap on the wood The wind is chill But let it whistle as it will We'll keep our Pongal still.

I love the Pongal Kites, and yet I notice this, each year I live I always like the

May the Sacred Sun,bless you and your family on this Occasion...

Warm Wishes to you and Family on the festivity of PONGAL.

Days are too busy Hours are too few Seconds are too fast but there is always a time for me to say Happy pongal

May this Sacred Festival open up a World of Peace and Happiness.

Pot Rice to Sun God Sugarcane to cow and ox Sweet rise to you and me Good milk to friends and family Happy Pongal.

Because in everything I do u always have a part, Because a loving thought of u Is always in my heart. Happy Pongal

Red sugar cane and saffron aplenty, Flood happiness 2 sweep our country. rise milk rice-bring smile 2 the face of the poor.

I miss u Most at Pongal time And I can't get u Get u off my mind. Happy Pongal..

We hope that given information 2015 Happy Pongal WhatsApp Status Updates 
Emoticons Free Download is very useful to you on this Pongal 2015. We wish Happy Pongal 2015 to all in Advance.

As you shout Pongalo Pongal
To welcome the prosperity and wealth
along with the overflowing Milk
I wish you everlasting happiness and joy
Happy Pongal
Pongalo Pongal
May this Pongal brings you
Happiness and Prosperity
Happy Pongal
While you reading this messages
I hope My Pongal Wishes will spread you
like the sweet Pongal milk
Happy Pongal
May the love and affection
Overflows from your heart
like Pongal milk from the pot
Pongalo pongal
As the Pongal overflows from the pot
I wish you everlasting happiness and peace
Filled with wealth and health
Happy Pongal
Pongalo Pongal
Hope your Pongal was great
You have been garlanded by boss
Happy mattu Pongal
Mattu Pongalo Pongal
Hope you got enough food
on this Pongal
May your boss give you more
Salary, and better position
Happy Mattu Pongal to you
May this Pongal brings
Bring luck and prosperity to your home
And fill your heart with harmony and happiness
Happy Pongal!
As you celebrate Pongal with fun and feast
I wish you a great harvest and prosperity
In all those years to Come
Pongal Vazhthahakal

May this ONAM brings in U the brightest and choicest happiness
& prosperous U have ever wished for !
May God bless U & Family and fill your heart
with Joyful & Colorful Moments…
HaPpY OnAm… :)

May the spirit of onam remains
everywhere whatever you do
whatever you think
whatever you hope in your life
wish you a HAPPY ONAM…..


Onam Varavayi !!!

No greeting card 2 give.
No sweet flowers 2 send.
No cute graphics 2 forward.
Just a loving HEART of mine saying
Happy ONAM wishes.

 Maveliyude Manninum Malayaliyude
Manassinum Madhuram
Niraykkunna Ormakalumayi
Oru onakkalam koodi!
Wish you a Happy Onam!!

Varunna Ponnin
Chinga Masathile
Ponnonatte Varavelkan
Niranja Snehathode Ende…
ONAM Ashamsagal.

Snehathinteyum sahodaryathinteyum
oru onam koodi varavayi.
Ellavarkkum enteyum,
oro malayaliyudeyum
snehoshmalamaya onasamsakal.

Happy Pongal Sankranthi 2015 Whatsapp DP HD Images Free

Happy Sankranti 2015 Whatsapp SMS Messages

Pongal thirunaalam
thaipongal thirunaalam
pongivarum pongal pola
engum pongatum magirchi
iniya pongal nalvazhthukal

udal kalaipu udaluku mattum
mandirku endrum thevai inipu
adai inaipadu thaan pongalin sirapu
iniya pongal nalvazhthukal
iniya pongal nalvazhthukal

May the Festival of Pongal usher in Goodwill.
Health and Wealth
Happy Pongal

Happy Pongal
Happy Bogi Festival
Happy Surya Pongal
Happy Mattu Pongal
Happy Thiruvalluvar Day / Kaanum Pongal

May this Blessed season...
bring your home...
a plenteous harvest festivival...
Happy Pongal 2011

As you joyfully celebrate the festival of Pongal and welcome the harvest season, this greeting is being sent your way, to wish you everything, that the occasion is meant to bring. Have a Happy Pongal.!!

"Wishing that this festival is one, which brings good luck and prosperity and hoping that it is joyous, and fills your days ahead with happiness. Have a wonderful Pongal."

"\,/" :. : :.)\,
Po lakshmi ! po !
Ean friend elarukum advance happy pongal solietu va.

May I be

the first few

+ 2
"+. wish U
+ Happy +
"+. Pongal !
"+.+.+ +.




***************** *Happy Pongal

May Goddess Parvati shower her blessings,
May Lord Ganesha gives his praisings,
so that we can harvest every year with more yields
and our cattle always help us in the field.
Happy Pongal - Mattu Pongal to everyone!

Lets meet the family,
Be together on the special day,
Homage for elders ,
token money for youngers today !
Its Kaanum Pongal,
Joy happiness, fun along with
Sarkarai pongal..
All we say!
Happy Pongal all the Way!

Pot Rice to Sun
God Sugarcane to cow and ox
Sweet rise to you and me
Good milk to friends and family
Happy & Prosperous Pongal

Padhinaaru Selvangallaagiya
1. Kalvi
2. Arivu
3. Aayull
4. Aattral
5. Illamai
6. Thunnivu
7. Perumai
8. Pon (Gold)
9. Porull
10. Pugazh
11. Nalam (Land)
12. Nan Makkal
13. Nambikkai
14. Noayinmai
15. Muyarrchchi
16. Vettri

Aagiya Indha 16 Selvangallaiyum Indraiya Thai Thiru Naallil Pettru Vallamudan, Nalamudan Vaazha Kadavullai Vannangi, Vazhthugirean..


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Pongal thirunaalam
thaipongal thirunaalam
pongivarum pongal pola
engum pongatum magirchi

iniya pongal nalvazhthukal

May your life be long and your stocks be short,
May your cars be hybrid and your heart be pure,
May the God create a bail-out package for your sins in the past,
May you make more per-year than Joe-the-plumber,
May you find a fountain of youth in your backyard
Wish you a very Happy pongal and a tamil New Year full of joy!

“Wishing that this festival brings good luck and prosperity and hoping that it is joyous, and fills your days ahead with happiness. Have a wonderful Pongal.” 

Dear Murugan Naa, Wish you a very Happy Pongal Pot rice to Sun God Sugarcane to Cow and Ox Sweet rice to You and Me Good milk to Friends and Family

Festival Of The Harvest Season, Be One That Brings Along With It, All That's Best & Everything U're So Deserving Of Happy Pongal...!!!"
"Have A Wonderful Pongal...!!!"

"May Pongal Fill Ur Life With Sweetness...!!! May The Sun Radiate Peace, Prosperity & Happiness In Ur Life On PONGAL & Always...!!! Like A Bright & Beautiful Kolam May Ur Days B Sprinkled With Joy & Happiness...!!! May The Pongal Bring In New Hopes & Good Harvest For U...!!!"
"Wishing U A Happy Pongal...!!!"

"May The Festival
Of The Harvest Season, Be One That Brings Along With It, All That's Best & Everything U're So Deserving Of Happy Pongal...!!!" 
"Have A Wonderful Pongal !!!"

"May Pongal Fill Ur Life With Sweetness...!!! May The Sun Radiate Peace, Prosperity & Happiness In Ur Life On PONGAL & Always...!!! Like A Bright & May Ur Days B Sprinkled With Joy & Happiness...!!! May The Pongal Bring In New Hopes & Good Harvest For U...!!!"
"Wishing U A Happy Pongal ...!!!" 

"May The That's Best & Everything U're So Deserving Of Happy Pongal...!!!"
"Have A Wonderful Pongal...!!!"

"May Pongal Fill Ur Life With Sweetness...!!! May The Sun Radiate Peace, Prosperity & Happiness In Ur Life On PONGAL & Always...!!! Like A Bright & Beautiful Kolam May Ur Days B Sprinkled With Joy & Happiness...!!! May The Pongal Bring In New Hopes & Good Harvest For U...!!!"
"Wishing U A Happy Pongal...!!!"

"May The Festival Of The Harvest Season, Be One That Brings Along With It, All That's Best & Everything U're So Deserving Of Happy Pongal...!!!"
"Have A Wonderful Pongal...!!!"

"May Pongal Fill Ur Life With Sweetness...!!! May The Sun Radiate Peace, Prosperity & Happiness In Ur Life On PONGAL & Always...!!! Like A Bright & >Beautiful Kolam
May Ur Days B Sprinkled With Joy & Happiness...!!! May The Pongal Bring In New Hopes & Good Harvest For U...!!!" 
"Wishing U A Happy Pongal ...!!!"
Pongal Give All Sort Of Peace, Happiness, Prosperity & Good Health That U Deserve & Remove All The Problems That Is Haunting U For A While. These R My Sincere & Heartfelt Wishes 4 U On This Auspicious Day Of Pongal...!!!"
God Bless U With All This Things....!!!"

"Pongal Is Here, An Occasion That Marks Joy & Cheer, & Brings Along Everything That's Best. May The Festival Of The Harvest Season, B One That Brings Along With It, All That's Best & Everything U're So Deserving Of...!!!" 
"Have A Memorable Pongal...!!!"

"Wishing U A Prosperous & Joyful Pongal. Hope This Special Day Marking The Start Of A Harvest Season B Happy & Successful 4 U In Every Way & Brigs With It Prosperity, Good Luck & Moments 2 Cherish...!!!"
"Have A Wonderful Pongal...!!!"

"Thank U 4 Inviting Me On Pongal Last Year. I Still Remember What Fun V Had Decorating Kolams & Cooking Payasam. It Was An Experience That Will Remain With Me 4 Life....!!!"
"Have A Wonderful Pongal...!!!"

Its time to Celebrate Prosperity
May the Festival bring happiness in your life
Celebrate the Festival of Abundance
Pongalo Pongal!
Happy Pongal.
Dear Murugan Naa,
Wish you a very Happy Pongal
Pot rice to Sun God
Sugarcane to Cow and Ox
Sweet rice to You and Me
Good milk to Friends and Family
Wishing You A Happy Pongal.
Happy Pongal 2015
As Pongal Comes Once Again
Bringing Along With it
A harvest of Happiness & Sweet Moments
Hope U & Your Dear Ones
A very Prospersous and Happy Pongal !!
RAB Ne Dost Ko Dost Se Milaya
Dosto Ke Liye Dosti Ka Rishta Banaya,
Par RAB Ne Ye Bi Bataya…
Dosti Rahegi Uski Hamesha,
Jisne Apne Dost Ko Pongal Pe Wish Kiya…!!!”
Pot Rice to Sun
God Sugarcane to cow and ox
Sweet rise to you and me
Good milk to friends and family
Happy Pongal
Red sugar cane and saffron aplenty,
Flood of happiness to sweep our country.
Rise, rise milk rice – bring smile
to the face of the poor, so rise milk rice.