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How to Install Windows 8/8.1 from USB Pendrive - Step by Step Guide

Let me welcome you to the world where we no longer need rounded disks to boot Windows operating system on our computer or laptop machines. Rather it can be done using our favorite data carrying devices i.e. USB pendrive. This is the guide here where you will learn how to install Windows 8/8.1 from USB Pendrive. I’ll make sure that you don’t find any issues at all as I’ll be covering each and every aspect that you may need while going through the process.
There are certain requirements that you need to come up with and I’ll write them down first of all. Just make sure that you’re ready with them before the exact process starts at your end.

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Following are the requirements you need to get ready with.
  • A computer that is compatible with Windows 8 or 8.1 OS computers. You check complete system requirements over here. Besides normal things you should know right here is that system should have at least dual-core processor with 1GHz clock speed and 2GB of RAM with optimum amount of free storage for Windows to store its file. 
  • An 8GB pendrive (USB drive) which is totally formatted and doesn’t contain any single malware or virus files. 
  • A copy of Windows 8 or 8.1 OS as ISO format. You can create ISO copy from original disk of OS or you can download appropriate one from here. 
  • Make sure the ISO file you have is according to architecture of your system. If it’s 32-bit then choose 32 one or the second one i.e. 64-bit. 
So these three are the requirements you must full fill and I’m pretty sure that they aren’t that hard. Another thing I should tell you is that your system should have at least 4GB of RAM or more for the OS to work flawlessly. With just 2GB of RAM you may not find system running at its great pace.

How to Install Windows 8/8.1 from USB Pendrive

Now once you’re ready with above requirements simply follow the steps mentioned down here.

  1. Download a tool which is available here and install it by double clicking its installer file and following on screen instructions. 
  2. Once this software is ready then start that. Choose the ISO file which is located on disk and move next. Make sure USB pendrive is inserted on your computer. 
  3. Select the USB drive you inserted and then move next. The ISO file burning process will begin up and it will end up quickly. 
  4. Once process is ended up then remove the USB pendrive. Restart this current PC if you wish to install Windows 8/8.1 on it or any other laptop or computer. 
  5. Insert the USB drive then. Make sure boot from USB is enabled (a setting enabled within BIOS setting). 
  6. Once system restarts, booting will begin. Select Windows and choose C drive where system files will rest. Keep on following on screen instructions and within few minute of time, Windows will be booted. 
Note – make sure to remove the USB pendrive from PC or laptop when system restarts for the first time after getting booted. This is necessary to stop your system from getting started with boot again.
I hope everything is fine and completed like you and I planned. Don’t forget to share this pretty useful guide with all your social friends. Peace.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Download Galaxy Legend Game for Android Apk & iPhone App

Galaxy Legend is a impressive role playing strategy game by tap4fun developer studios.It was released for Android operating platform on 18 July,2013.It is a pretty good RPG with excellent game quality design.You will surely love the game graphics and intense colors.Whole game is pretty good and the most exciting part of this game is that you can wage intergalactic wars against other players in Multiplayer mode which nails the whole game.Though the game interface is not solid built but the concept of game is very nice which will be loved by all fans for sure.If you've never had RPG gaming experience then Galaxy Legend game is one of the best RPG games for mobile smartphones now.Story lines with opening graphics visuals at the beginning of game seems exciting and the game play itself is very well made which conjures the whole part of the game.It will give some of the best stunning movements of galactic wars.In this game you will be playing the role of Commander of a a galactic force.You bear upon the burden of saving the whole universe along with your force and units.So to defend your universe you will have to built a solid force which can defend and as well defeat enemies.You have to plan the best strategic plans of attacks and save humanity at all costs.

Galaxy Legend Game Controls

Galaxy Legend game has very simple controlling options which are rather very repulsive and responsive as well.You will have to tap on screen to move, build and assign attacks or work to forces.To be precise the whole controls are just to tap on the screen and nothing more.Though controls are just tapping but the game play makes it even better looking.

 Galaxy Legend Game Gameplay

Galaxy Legend is a strategy RPG game in which you have to execute your best attack plans and decided best fighting formations for your forces.You can move your battleships and move them to grids for battles.When ever you start a war , you will only have to assigns forces and deploy them.Its more like a theatrical view after that buts still it is really interesting to look.You can deploy some forces in the later part of the battle but it depends on you.

Galaxy Legend Game Features- PC/Laptop

Galaxy Legend is now one of the best RPG strategy game.The sound, graphics and game play are pretty excellent and build quality of the game is solid.It has been customized for big screens and tablets for sure but you can try luck on small screen too.You will need to devote a lot of time into this game and to rank high on Leaderboard you will have to do much better or sometimes buy in game purchase from Google Play.This game has so many features and we are goign to discuss some of them.
  • Best Strategy game with both Single and Multiplayer game modes
  • Wage classic galactic wars against player in Multiplayer
  • Stunning and exciting gameplay graphics visuals
  • More than 100 different battleships and battle styles
  • Upgrade your frets and make them more stronger
  • More than 100's of different missions to take on and one big quest awaiting you

Download Galaxy Legend Game for PC

Galaxy Legend game is released for both Android and IOS mobile OS.It is not yet released for PC windows desktop version.So, we will have to use Bluestacks Android emulator to run Galaxy Legend  game on PC/Laptop for free.So, Follow my steps to know " How to download Galaxy Legend  Game for PC/Laptop for free".
  • Firstly you will have to download and Install Bluestacks offline installer on your PC from Here
  • Next search for the game " Galaxy Legend" using their search bar
  • Now select the game from search list and clcik on Install button
  • The Installation process will be started and game will appear in your menu after sometime
  • After installation the game will now appear in game menu
  • You can start the game and play Galaxy Legend on PC

Download Galaxy Legend Game for PC /Laptop Windows XP/7/8/10/Vista Using Youwave Android Emulator

Galaxy Legend is really an awesome exciting game but as we all know that it is not available for PC.So, we will be using Youwave Android to PC emulator to run Android games and Apps on PC.This app can run Galaxy Legend game easily on PC/Laptop.

  • So first of all Download and Then install Youwave Android Emulator on your PC from here
  • After that search for " Galaxy Legend" game and select it
  • Now clcik on Install button and Installation will be started
  • The Game will be appearing in menu as soon as Installation is finished
  • Play Galaxy Legend game from PC now.

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Get Showbox App APK for PC Download | iPhone 6, iPad

Do have an idea about show box ? No idea then, go head head with this article. It is an user friendly app that had been created particularly for internet users. It is an co-friendly which we have in our hands. This app mostly useful for internet user for watching TV programs or films on their own laptop/PC. The peculiar thing about show box is a downloading and maintain this app is very easy mostly you can get this package  absolutely for free. You can see your favorite movies or show by free. You can get the ultimate quality as well that you can estimate . Mainly the usage of application is simple, easy and in minimal process.
show box
You can get this application in two languages in English and Russian and  no other languages. This show box was created and designed by the other countries belonging to Russia, united states. This application is specially designed for Android device.

Is it Useful

Yes ! definitely why not? Day by day technology is improving more and more and we don’t get to watch a movie in theater and to watch our favorite program in TV. Here is the simple solving option to made a brightness to our life can solve these type of simple issues. Boring for regular work feeling some relaxation in house itself or any other place this is solution that is show box. Navigation is so simple that you can see above on your application you can find some options for selection either to share or update status or to watch program or to watch a film. You don’t get any problem with errors or with the video clarity and balance is that much they maintained. Now you can Get showbox for iPad

About different apps

You can get combo offers on of all TV shows, programs using show box you can either download it permanently or you may watch on regular basis. You download it permanently you can watch when ever you want. You can watch your favorite programs regularly or even if you miss then you can continue or you see the repeated telecast of programs. You can make bookmark of your favorite programs websites for easy accessing. This application enables you to make a list of favorite programs and can save in a MY LIBRARY that you have on your app.


Before running application make sure that the internet is in good connection.
  • At first you have to start your download application with show box and Android emulator” BLUE STACKS”. (Bluestacks Offline Installer)
  • Nobody heard about blue stacks how ever it enables an “ Android application on your PC”.
  • Start download  blue stack, after downloading install that application in your PC.
  • After successful done application on your PC, now you can download the show box.
  • After downloading the show box , you have to install show box in blue stacks by directing for app section and you can search for “ show box”. or else
  • You can get automatic installation by downloading the showbox APK file of show box.
You will get automatic installation if you open the APK file of your show box which you have downloaded. This is the easy process of downloading even who don’t have an idea about net searching and about apps installation.

Final Verdict:

This is best application for watching programs, serials, films, surfing videos then we get doubt why we will uninstall . Even though it is a good but you have keep in mind for other alternatives like memory allocation space about RAM.  Internet data charges for surfing videos. High internet speed for watching those you will maintain these is not at all a big issue but who will see all these problems can check once and have an installation. Had a quick installation on your PC and enjoy your day with your favorite programs.

Download Kik messenger for PC/Laptop - Windows 7,8.1 | Android apk

KIK for PC: Kik Messenger is that application which you’re definitely going to fall in love with. I can’t come up with one particular reason why you’ll fall in love with this application as there are many and during my review I didn't find any single feature that wasn't great enough to help this application grab attention. So as this is perfectly an awesome piece here so I’m sharing a guide on how to download Kik Messenger for PC.

Download Kik Messenger for PC

You can go through the guide I’ll be writing down here and within few minutes of time the application will be installed and ready to use at your Windows computer. You need not to worry whether it will work or not as you got no other option then to try and test.
But you can off course find out brief story by checking PC requirements over here. If your PC is running with at least 4GB of RAM and on upgraded graphics driver version then you can expect that you won’t find any issues at all. But make sure that the graphics driver supported here are of HD standards.

About Kik Messenger for Computer 

One of the giant benefits of using Kik Messenger over any other application is that it provides tough security to every piece of data this application got of yours. This means that you need not to worry about anything at all.
It got simple to use and understandable user interface which is another feature here and its going to be an eye catching one this time. Just make sure that you prepare an account and have good number of friends ready to start conversation with.
Just like a messaging application it can be used to send any number of text messages, share pictures, videos, voice notes and even current location to help your friend find you or them.
It’s one of the best messaging application out there and is already used by millions of users. So start using it and also ask all your friends to do so. This is how fun will simply become double. There is not a single annoying feature within this application.

Download Kik Messenger for Android apk & iPhone

You can download it for Android and iOS devices from respective link here.

Guide to Download Kik Messenger for PC here

Let us start with the installation process now and all you need to do is to follow below mentioned instructions as it is. It will take just few minutes of time overall.
  • Download first the BlueStacks software on your computer. You can get it over here. 
  • Once you had the installer file ready then double click on that and it will begin installing right away. 
  • Start the software and find out Kik Messenger application using its search tool. 
  • You’ll be asked to enable synchronization feature, do that by logging in with a Google account. You can’t skip this step anyhow. 
  • Once login is done then click on app you found in search results and at last click on install option ahead of its listing within Google play store. 
This is all done from your side and my side as well. The app will be ready to be run anytime from now and you can launch it from My Apps section of this particular software easily. I hope everything went smoothly and you’ll share it with your friends on social networks. 

Saturday, 14 February 2015

*Clash of Clans for PC Download | Laptop Windows 7, 8.1, XP

Play Clash of Clans on PC or Laptop as its of the most Popular Multi player game that everyone loves to Play. The Clash of Clans is an Arcade type Game developed by Supercell a Finland based gaming company. Clash of Clans was firstly launched for iOS Platform in the year 2012 and after it was released for Android Platform also in year 2013. Daily we get many request's for the Tutorial on How to download Clash of Clans for PC. As the official PC/Computer yet not launched, but for our readers I am Sharing a trick to Play Clash of Clans on PC/Laptop free.

Features of Clash of Clans for Computer - Windows & MAC

The Clash of Clans game has very interesting game play with Online Multi Player Support which makes it very popular Game.
  • The Game has Good Graphics complemented with great background sound which games for interesting.
  • It has many different levels to Play, so you will not get bored anytime.
  • You can make you're own Village or Army which will help you to fight with other enemies. 
  • In the Game you will fighting with Goblins and other Villages
  • And if you need help anytime you can call out friend to help you in the Game with there.

How to Download Clash of Clans Game for PC/Laptop free - Online & Offline

Now to Play Clash of Clans on Computer, PC & MAC for free. Just Follow the below Instructions:-
  • Download an Android emulator on you'r PC or Laptop. We would be using Bluestacks app Player as its available for free. (Download Bluestacks)
  • Now Install the Bluestacks Software on your Computer or MAC. As soon as its installed, Open Bluestacks software.
  • Now search for "Clash of Clans" in the search bar inside the Bluestacks Player.
  • Now you can see the Game with an Install button, Simply Click on Install button.
  • Wait for seconds.. And you're done !!
That's it...!! Now just go to My Apps section from there you can Start the Game. I hope Guys you enjoyed this Simple Step by Step Guide on How to Download Clash of Clans on Computer, If you have any question regarding this tutorial feel free to ask in comments. Happy Reading !!

SHAREit for PC Download Free | Windows 7, 8.1, 10

After bringing you so many downloads related post about games and apps. Here I am today to helping you to download SHAREit for PC. Sounds interesting? I know. SHAREit is basically an app by which you can share images, files, videos and many more that too with ease and totally free of cost that is you don’t even need any kind of Wi-Fi connection or any such network cost.
That means you can transfer those files steadfast and without any incurring cost, great. When I got to know about this app I started using it and when it became part of my daily routine I didn’t knew, whenever any of my friend came home and wanted to share files then I would sit beside my PC and use this app for further access.

For you: Hay day for PC

Features of SHAREit

Do you know how it works without use of any wires connection? The whole credit goes to its wireless transfer software inbuilt which makes it so handy. This inbuilt advanced technology makes these transfers so convenient and steadfast. SHAREit also finds all the devices in certain range in short it acts like Bluetooth device to find connectivity.

The most stupendous feature of this app is that it can connect up to 5 devices at a time. Now you don’t need any kind of costly methods to perform your task or wait for minutes to transfer large files and documents. It can be done by this simple and powerful performing app. SHAREit transfers huge amount of data and files at a time but do you know it performs 40 times faster than Bluetooth that means transfer videos and songs in seconds. You can share anything what you want to, no restrictions.
No need to connect devices the app searches for you itself and the most apt feature of this app is that you can share and even cross share files with 5 devices at a time. These devices can be tablet, phones, PC’s etc that means variant of devices can be connected. Simply amazing app but to use this you need to download it first.

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SHAREit for PC Download-

SHAREit for PC can be downloaded on any OS but for this you will need android emulator. BlueStacks android emulator is the one which is trustworthy and authentic. So when I downloaded this app on my Windows OS I used this emulator. Follow the simple steps mentioned below and get it done for you-
  • Download BlueStacks emulator compatible file with your OS.
  • Run the exe. file on your PC and let the installation be complete by following the instruction mentioned while the download takes place.
  • Now add your Google account to it so that you get entrance for the download.
  • Go to the main page of the app and click on the search bar. Type SHAREit on the search bar.
  • Download the app by clicking on the install button. You can get the app in My Apps Folder for further use.
That was really easy right. You don’t need any prior guidance, you can do it yourself. So get over with this guide to get SHAREit for PC download and amuse your friends.

{^Happy!] Valentines Day Whatsapp Status SMS | Quotes 2015 Poems for Her/ His

Happy Valentines Day 2015 is approaching nearer as we already entered into the New Year 2015.Every Year Couple from all the countries worldwide celebrate a Day to spend their time for their Boyfriend,GirlFriend,Lover,Husband or Wife to express their love towards them.
So on 14th February is celebrated as Happy Valentines Day and People send wishes and Greetings to their loved ones with SMS Messages and Poems on social media networks like facebook twitter and Instant Messaging Services like Whatsapp Wechat BBM and Line here is a huge collection of Happy Valentines Day 2015 SMS Messages and Wishes 

Happy Valentines Day 2015 Poems and Shayaris For Lovers 

Here is huge collection of Happy Valentines Day 2015 Poems and Shayaris to express your love towards your girlfriend,boyfriend,husband,wife,lovers etc and increase your love towards them.first let us have a look at some Happy Valentines Day 2015 Poems.

Happy Valentines Day 2015 Poems 

My Valentine
You're everything to me.
Love was where we were meant to be.
You're so sweet.
Kissing you knocks me off my feet.
Dancing with you in the bright moon light.
When we're together I know it feels so right.
Your kisses take my breath away.
I love being with you every night and every day.
Loving you is like a dream come true.
I love you.
If I couldn't tell you how I feel.
Would you wonder if this love is real?
My love for you goes on for each mile.
No matter what you do you always make me smile.
So this poem is showing you that you're everything to me.
You're funny, sweet and you're always true.
That's why you're a part of me
Brandon I love you
You're my valentine.
And forever I am yours and you are mine.

My True Love
We started off as friends but soon after I started to see
that you were the one that are and will always there for me.
We fight and argue often but I still love you the same
so much even at one point I called someone else your name.
People say I'm crazy for staying with you but in all honesty
I know that the love we have is nothing but true.

With you I continue to change for better and for worse
just by simply realizing I had to let my guards down first.
You've taught me how to love and trust and be me
The day that we grow apart, I pray to God I never see.
Love is a battlefield and I know this is true so I am a soldier
and I will fight and continue to fight for no one but you.

Even though you and I have shed so many tears, I do not regret anything and I know there will definitely be more throughout the years.
With us, the good has always outweighed the bad and
your shoulder is the one I continue to cry on whenever I'm sad.
You have given me what people wait a lifetime for,
your heart, true love, wisdom and so much more.

People say some love is rare and some love is kind
well I know for a fact that our love cannot be defined.
You love hard and so do I, so hopefully we will never say goodbye.
Crazy drama we endure but no matter what you continue to stay
that's why I know your the one for me and I mean it when I say
I Love You Baby and last but not least, Happy Valentine's Day.

I cannot believe someone like me
could be with someone so sweet
your love is grand
I want to hold your hand
and let our love guide the way
through the dark nights
and stormy seas
though sunny days
and swarms of honey bees
through clouds of darkness
and oceans of blue
can't you see
I want to be with you
not just on valentines day
but until time is left to float away

My Perfect Valentine
Observing the stars,
You came into mind,
I thought about your love for me,
It's so fine.

Whenever you hug me,
Whenever you're there,
I feel so secure,
I know you really care.

At times we're together,
Not knowing what to say,
All we do is hold hands,
Then our love lights the way.

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There are instances we argue,
But time's granted to ponder,
Then we work things out,
It makes our love stronger.

I've nothing to worry about,
Gone are moments, I thought we'd part,
Thinking of you makes me smile,
You'll forever be in my heart.

When I found you
I used to dream that someday I might
find a lover who would be tender, kind,
and passionate...

I used to dream that someone whose
touch would awaken my heart and fill
me with sensations I had only
imagined I would ever feel...

A partner who would show me how love
was meant to be...

I told myself that this was more than
I could hope for-more than I could
ever deserve.

I used to hope that someday I might
have a friend who would know what was
deep inside my heart some one with
whom I would be safe to share my
secrets, my dreams, my fantasies, and
my fears...

A friend I could always count on to
listen and to understand...

I told myself that this was more
than anyone could hope and much more
than I could ever be worthy of...

I never let my heart imagine that I
would find all of this and more...
but that's what was waiting for me in
your arms.

I found the best friend and the best
lover I could ever have hoped for... When
I found you

Happy Valentine's day
to my dreams come true.

Happy Valentines Day 2015 Shayaris and Poems in Hindi 

Valentines Day Shayari in Hindi

Itne Saalon Ke Intejar Ke Baad,
Aaj Mai Khushi Se Samundar Bhar Du,
Tumhare Is Ha Sunne Ke Baad,
Kahi Is Smaundar Me Hi Dub Na Jau!

Muskan Ho Tum Is Hotoon Ki,
Dhadkan Ho Tum Is Dil Ki,
Haasi Ho Tum Is Chere Ki,
Jaan Ho Tum Is Ruuh Ki!
Be My Valentine

Mere Dil Me Jyo Tum Rahati Ho,
Rooj Sapno Me Ake Satati Ho,
Bina Kuch Bole Hi Bhagwan Se,
Jindgibhar Ka Saath Kyo Mangti Ho!
Happy Valentines Day!

Itne Din Mai Saas To Le Raha Tha,
Itne Din Mera Dil Dhadak Ta Tha,
Tum Mere Jindagi Me Aane Ke Baad,
Tumne Jine Ka Matlab Sikhaya Tha….
Happy Valentines Day Shayri in Hindi

Tuze Jo Chaha Dil Se Hai,
Magar Lagta Nahi Aaj Kahe Paunga,
Yaaden Jo Dastan Baan Gayi Hai,
Ijahar Karke Mere Nasibe Ko Aajmaunga….
Happy Valentines Day!

Aaj Ka Jo Hai Pura Din,
Sath Sath Jayenge Samundar Paar,
Aagar Aap Jo Saath Me Ho Mere,
Ek Hi Kya, Karenge Saat Samundar Paar…
Can You Be My Valentine?

Aaj Ka Din Ho Jayega Saab Se Yaadgar
Kyonki Aap Ka Mil Gaya Hai Ikrar,
Eidhar Baitha Rahunga Jindagi Bhar,
Karta Rahunga Aapka Deedar
Happy Valentines Day!

Dil Ne Jise Jindagibhar Chaha Hai
Aaj Karunga Mai Unse Ikrar,
Jiski Sadiyos Se Tammanah Ki Hai,
Unse Karunga Mere Pyar Ka Ijahaar! …..
Can You Be My Valentine?

Dil ki baat jubaan pe lane ko dil karta hai,
Aapke sath dunia basaane ka man karta hai,
Tum dur na ho jao mujhse kabhi,
Isliye humesha tumhari yaado me
kho jane ko dil karta hai..!

इकरार में शब्दों की एहमियत नही होती,
दिल के जज़बात की आवाज़ नही होती,
आँखें बयान कर देती हैं दिल की दास्तान,
मोहब्बत लफज़ो की मोहताज़ नही होती!

Taras jaoge tum mehfil-e-wafa ke liye,
kisi se pyar na kar khuda ke liye..
Jab lagegi ishq ki aadat ek din,
tum hi chune jaoge saza ke liye.

तुस्सी हस्दे यो सानु हसान वास्ते
तुस्सी रोने यो सानू रोवां वास्ते
एक वार रूस के ता वेखो सोहनेयो
मॅर जावांगे तुहनु मानां वास्ते..!

Jo assar hai aakh di mar andar
oh na teer te naa talwaar ander
ohna Rab nu labh ke ki lena
Jinna pa leya Raab nu yar andar.!

सोहने सोहने नैन-नक्श उसदे
वेखन वाले बड़ा पसंद करदे
सादे नाल करे ओह प्यार हस्स के
एहो जिहा रब्बा कोई परबंद कर दे
सानु वी सोहना बना रब्बा
नही तान सोहने बनाने बंद कर दे!!

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First of all I would like to wish all my visitors a very Happy Valentines Day 2015.Valentines Day is Celebrated Worldwide every year on 14th February to express their love to their girl friend,lover,wife and their loved ones.On Valentines Day the couple usually spend time with each other to strengthen their relationship and make their relationship much stronger.So on 14th february i.e. on valentines day couples surprise with each other with gifts roses and chocolates.

Happy Valentines Day 2015 - SMS Messages

Here's a huge collection of Happy Valentines Day 2015 SMS Messages and Wishes for your Girl Friend,Boy Friend,Husband,Wife,Lover,Friend

Happy Valentines Day 2015 SMS in English 

  • Love is an illusion! Its a highly dependency disorder of weak hearted people people with strong hearts believe in FLIRTING
  • Liking you is my nature Missing you is my disappointment Fighting with you is my Time pass Forgetting you is never in my life time.
  • Sometimes, you just have to do some stupid things in life to find out who are the ones who will stay on and accept you.
  • Don’t take a few unkind words to heart when someone you love is having a bad day. Let them vent, tell them you love them and help to find their happy place.
  • If life had a remote I’d rewind and fix my mistakes, pause good times and live in the moment, and fast forward past the heartbreaks.
  • Happiness keeps u sweet Trials make u strong Sorrows make u humble Success keeps u glowing & God keeps u going. May u have a wishful valentine’s day 2015
  • That look you give me when you smile and look straight into my eyes and say “I love you” still makes me melt every time.
  • Changes are part of life. Instead of fighting it, embrace it. Sometimes, it can be the best thing that ever happened. Just breathe, and keep moving forward.
  • V smile at whom V Like, V smile at whom V Like, V cry for whom V care, V laugh with whom we enjoy, and V become angry with whom we feel is our own… That’s Friendship… That’s Love…
  • Yes we are together, Yes we are happy, Any more questions? Well, no questions further. Wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Happy Valentines Day 2015 Messages in 2015

  • Real Love Is Not Based On Romance Candle Light Dinner n Walks Along The Beach. In fact It Is Based On Respect Compromise Care n Trust..
  • I love you not because of who you are, but because of who I am when I am with you.
  • today I already killed some helpless flowers for you… what else do you want?!??!
  • C.L.I.C.K. means: C=cant live without u L=love u I=i miss u C=care about u K=kiss frm my heart 2 u So whenever u miss me jst say CLICK
  • Love Is The Happiness Of Today, And Promise Of Tomorrow, So This Warm Note Comes 2 You, 2 Say That Live Life With A Heart Full Of Love.
  • Valentine’s Day money-saving tip: Break up on Feb 13th, get back together on the 15th ;)
  • Why do I need a date for Valentine’s Day? I can buy my own damn flowers & box of chocolate…
  • Valentines Day is so fake. If you love someone, you’ll treat him/her special every day. Not once out of 365 days.
  • Love grows by giving. The love we give away is the only love we keep. The only way to retain love is to give it away.
  • Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before. Happy Valentine’s Day
  • 48+2 Members can sit in a Bus. 5+1 can sit in a Car. 3+1 can sit in a auto 1+1 can sit in a Bike. Only 1 can sit in my Heart, That’s ‘YOU’ My dear valentine.
  • I wish to live in your eyes! Die in your arms and Be buried in your heart! Happy Valentine’s day
  • To all my friends who are commited: Happy Valentine`s Day…. and To all my friends who r single, Happy Independance Day…:)
  • Girl: Why are you followinq me? Boy: My parents told me to always follow my dreams.
  • God made mud … God made dirt … God made guys so girls can flirt..

Happy Valentines Day 2015 Wishes for GirlFriend / Lover 

  • Everyone can say “I Love You” … But not everyone really means it. So believe it when you feel it, Not when you hear it.
  • Today 8th February Is The Second Day Of Valentine Week Which Just Started Two Days Back. Love Has Started Floating In The Atmosphere And Igniting Everybody’s Heart For Their True Love. Happy Propose Day
  • Life counts all the roads we travel, Some are smooth, some are rough, Some I would rather forget, But there is one road I won’t regret, The road where we met and became friends…
  • Life counts all d roads v travel.sum r smooth,sum r ruf.sum i wud rather 4get.but theres 1 road i wont regret-d road whr v met n bcame frnds.Happy Propose DayI have a heart n that is true, But now it has gone from me to u, So care for it just like i do, B’COZ i have no heart n u have two. Happy Propose Day
  • My löve and passiøn för yöu gröws möre with each passing dayThe thöught öf yöur görgeöus face takes my breath awayThöse lötus eyes fill my heart with happiness,Thöse lusciöus lips I löve tö kiss.Thöse löng dense hair döing Black Magic.
  • What kisses mean!KISS ÖN HAND= I adöre u,KISS ÖN CHEEK= Lets be friends,KISS ÖN NECK= I want u,KISS ÖN LIPS= I löve u,KISS ANYWHERE ELSE=….Let’s nöt get carried away!

Happy Valentines Day 2015 Greetings for BoyFriend / Lover

To ask you to be my Valentine
I’d have to talk to you,
Something that in all this time
I’ve managed not to do.

I’d have to get past “Hi!” somehow
To show you that I care,
But the right time is never now,
Especially when you’re there.

It’s as if a wall of fear,
Transparent yet profound,
Came hurtling up as you come near,
Cutting off all sound.

I fear I won’t know what to say
And strike you as a fool,
Or you’ll be glad to get away,
Polite not to be cruel.
Easier to dream than act,
To hope than to find out,
So fearful of the force of fact
I wait in fear-filled doubt.

But now the day of love has come,
And I must cross its line,
And so I ask you through this poem
To be my Valentine.

Tears can sometimes be more special than smiles…
For smiles can be given to any one…
But tears are only shed for people we love!
Happy Valentine’s Day !

Love is not how long u’ve been together,
Not how much u’ve given or receive,
Not how many times u’ve helped each other,
It’s how u value each other !
Happy Valentine’s Day !

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Happy Valentines Day 2015 Whatsapp DP Free

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Get Boom Beach for PC Download | Windows 7, 8.1, MAC

boom beach for pc: You might have played lots of android games on your mobile. Have you ever thought to download android games on your PC? Yes, right. Might have tried as well but failed, so today I will be guiding you on it, the game which I am presenting you today is the most popular Boom Beach.
Boom Beach for PC download is really simple only you have to follow the instructions which I will be mentioning in this post. But my friend before that let me tell you why I have chosen this game this time.
So the answer is that this game is another presentation of a popular company SuperCell, being a trusted developer it has maintained its dignity via game. You will notice that game is a strategy based game which is in a combat mode and being a strategic one it offers you exciting game play.

For you: Hay day for PC

The evil Blackguard is the devil is really cunning, you have to fight with the evil and for this you need an army which you are going to make. The background of the game is a beautiful island with more than 100 enemy bases where you will attack with your force and as you combat them you will explore ancient powers hidden in the embryo of island. Now that’s a boom, isn’t it?

Features of Boom Beach-

Boom Beach offers you lots of exciting features and the most interesting one is the background which is an island. The game is full tragic and thrill as you explore the archipelago hidden you experience danger. You are provided a huge army which will help you in attacking enemy base camps and there hiding places. It’s time to combat their army and make their plans unsuccessful.
The most important point is the game is available in very simple user interface so you don’t need any prior guiding. Being in HD graphics the game offers you real experience and its sound effects make it more superior. No limit to target beach, so get ready, Boom Beach is coming your way. But before this you will need to download the game so here is the guide.

Download Boom Beach Android apk - Tablet

Download from Here

How to Download Boom Beach for PC - Windows & MAC

Boom beach as we know is android booted game; hence it cannot be downloaded directly via link. For this you will need an emulator which can help you download game with essential settings. Trusted and authenticated emulator is to be chosen, so I prefer you to have BlueStacks emulator.
  • First step is to download BlueStacks emulator from here.
  • Run the exe. file and follow instructions shown on your screen.
  • After installation add your Google account to the emulator.
  • Now you are all ready for the download, go to main page of the app and then search bar.
  • Type Boom Beach in the search bar. Download the app by clicking on install button. And your game app will appear in the My Apps folder. 
Hope this was easy. Enjoy your Boom Beach game on Windows Computer. I hope yo guys enjoyed this guide if you have any query related to this feel free to ask in comments, Thanks for reading

Farm Heroes Saga for PC iPad Download | Windows 7, XP, 8.1

farm heroes saga for ipad: You all might have played Candy Crush Saga on your android devices many times but today I am presenting you one more cool game from the developers of Candy Crush Saga i.e. Farm Heroes Saga. This game is totally free for all android users and is also available for iOS. You can download the game on your devices by Google App store easily.
But today I will help you on Farm Heroes Saga for PC Download. I know we all struggle with the phone memory and cannot keep our favorite games on our devices but at least we can keep them on our PC’s right. Larger the screen, grand experience is. First let us know about the stupendous game and its offerings.

Features of Farm Heroes Saga for windows

Being a Candy Crush Saga maker’s production you can imagine its fun. This game is quite similar to Candy Crush but the game background is quite vibrant and cute. You have to match cropsies here rather than candies. The fewer moves you make, the more rewards you get. As you move on to high levels the game gets harder.
But my dear you have Raccoons and Rancid to spoil your farm, so you have to stop them from doing so and to get this done match your cropsies nearby these spoilers and they will be exploded. Gathering cropsies will be your main motto that too with less moves and Bingo! You will be getting recharging boosters and power ups which will add life to your play. Share your scoreboard with your friends on social site, invite them and challenge. Interesting, yeah?

Download Farm Heroes Saga for iPad Free

Download here

Farm Heroes Saga for PC Download Guide

As we all know this game is an android booted game so no direct link is available for you. But I will make your task done that too with ease as I usually do for you. So for this we wil need a magic emulator. I am calling it magic because it does everything for you, you just have to download it but remember to choose authenticated and trustworthy.

So the one which I have used is BlueStacks android emulator, download it from its official site and it is available for Windows OS as well as Mac users.  See the compatibility and download it accordingly.
Let me mention it in steps to make it more clear-
  • Download BlueStacks android emulator from its official website. Now run the exe. file on your screen.
  • Follow the instructions mentioned while running the file. This may take few minutes.
  • Once download is completed add your Google account to the emulator.
  • Now type Farm Heroes Saga on the search bar of the app. Install the game by clicking on install button. Once done, you will get the game in My Apps folder.
Easy yeah? Ys just follow the above steps as mentioned and you will get Farm Heroes Saga on your PC in no time. Enjoy and don’t forget to comment below.