Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Download Andyroid for PC and Laptop on Windows XP 7 8

Download Andyroid for PC : Andyroid emulator breaks the barrier between Android and Desktop OS now. It allows you to download and run Android games, apps on both Mac and Desktop platform easily. Users now play and deal with the latest Android OS apps, games on any desktop platform the like. You can enjoy playing games like Clash of Clans, Dr.Driving beyond Android comparability. It gives you freedom to play all major Games and Apps you like on Android OS.  Well, you cannot do more with small phone screen and no control space on it. But after using this app, you can easily navigate yourself to play any app or game on large screen.

Download Andyroid for PC and Laptop on Windows XP 7 8  

Download Andyroid for PC
You can control your favorite action and strategy game easily and enjoy the real gaming. It has a really good user interface and design, which makes it easy for all. It gives you full Android UI features, can run on Mac OS X and Windows 7, 8 easily. The most important part is it is free to download and use. When compared to Bluestacks and YouWave, it has found to be having more features and better compatibility. 
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Some extra features that you can find are Full Android UI, Phone as Controller, Android access to local file system and Desktop push notification.

Andyroid Android Emulator Features :

Andyroid emulator deserves to be the best because it is made with great and unique features. Please, read the app features below.
Andyroid for PC Download
  • Emulator has good interface and unique design
  • It is easy to understand and quickly navigable
  • Sync between Computer desktop and Mobile devices
  • It can connect with Windows and MAC desktop platform
  • It can download any Android game or app easily
  • It ensures to update most recent OS every time
  • Enjoy your favorite Android games and apps on Desktop
  • It can play major games like Clash of Clans, Dr.Driving and more
  • Plays best communication apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Wechat and more  
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Download Andyroid Emulator for PC and Laptop :

Andyroid emulator is great to use, in fact it is the best alternative to Bluestacks now. So, here is the method to download and install this awesome emulator for PC in no time. Please, follow each step carefully and proceed.
Andyroid for PC Free
  • First you will have to go to Andyroid Android emulator official website from here
  • Now you have to click on "Download" link on top menu beside Apps
  • Then you have to save the exe file, it is size of 1.2 MB
  • Now after downloading the .exe setup file, run it and start the install
  • Next you need to select the setup directory as you like
  • After that click on next and install the emulator by following on screen guide
  • Then after some time, the emulator will be installed successfully
  • You can find Andyroid emulator icon on desktop and run it easily
  • Finally search for any Android game or app and download it easily!
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Monday, 29 June 2015

Shadow Fight 2 for PC and Laptop Download on Windows XP 7 8 and MAC

Shadow Fight 2 for PC : Shadow Fight 2 is the sequel of the cruel and massive hit Facebook game with over 40 million players. It is more like a classic game with mixed RPG content in it.

Shadow Fight 2 for PC and Laptop Guide :

This game might feel you similar to the last version but there are more updates and features loaded. Every player in the game is set to equip his character with the most leather weapons, armors and fight others in live combat. You can fight with other players in awesome looking battle scenes. Do you like Martial Art, if not. Now, it's your turn to play with the most advanced martial arts techniques and combat skills. The game concept is very simple, you have to either face a player or do boss fight and remain victories. In this game you will have a health bar and our enemy too. The best players with most punches and kicks will rip out the enemy life bar and win.
Shadow Fight 2 for PC

 Shadow Fight 2 for PC and Laptop Download on Windows XP 7 8 and MAC :

In this new game, lots of different locations with similar music has been added. Some of the locations are like dungeon, monastery, seas side and many more. More over each scene has different voices, sound visuals making it look epic. You have to perform powerful skills and magic to finish your battle while your enemy still rages on. There are hundreds of new and old weapons you never knew of. To control the game you are equipped with on screen key controls. You can use ball to move your player in any direction and use different buttons on screen to hit, punch, kick and more.
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Shadow Fight 2 Game Features :

Shadow Fight 2 game has many good hidden game features that will make you fan of it. So, start reading them below first.
Shadow Fight 2 for PC
  • More than 40 million fans over Facebook and still counting
  • The game graphics are well made with 2D added to it
  • You have to fight through 6 different worlds in this game
  • Game controls are easy and responsive too
  • Customize your Armor, weapons and more 
  • Select over hundreds of different and unique weapons
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Download Shadow Fight 2 for PC Windows XP 7 8 :

Bluestacks Android emulator is the best Android to PC emulator now. It can be used to run this game on PC windows OS, without any efforts. Let me show how you can do it easily.
Download shadow fight 2 for pc
  • Firstly you will have to download and install Bluestacks for PC from here
  • After that make search for the game "Shadow Fight 2' and select it
  • Now click on the install button and wait the game to download
  • Later, it will install and game icon will be shown in Apps Menu
  • Finally after whole process is done, you can start playing the game

Download Shadow Fight 2 Game for MAC :

Andyroid emulator creates an interface so as to run Android games on Mac OS. We cannot run any Android game directly on Mac, so we have to use this emulator as shown below.
  • First you have to download and install Andyroid emulator for MAC from here
  • Now you have to run the emulator and search for "Shadow Fight 2" game
  • After that select the game and click on to the install button
  • Next wait as the game will download and install in sometime
  • Finally the game will now be installed and icon can be seen in menu
  • Now you have to run the game and enjoy shadow fighting!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Download Skout For PC Laptop Windows XP 7 8 and MAC

Skout For PC : Skout is a social dating app to find local singles. It is a global platform for dating seekers to find friends and find dates online. It features good interface and design similar to Facebook and has an addictive chat option. It has attracted over million users in very first week due to its features and great resources. It also seeks money from you for different social apps and features but you may afford it easily. It has reached over 100 million download becoming one of the most active social dating network for mobile phones.

Skout For PC Laptop Download Guide :

Skout for PC Download
It has an addictive shake to chat feature, when you shake your device. It will connect with another user shaking to find friend. You can later chat with the person, view profile and many more.
Download : Clash of Clans Game

Download Skout for PC and Laptop on Windows and MAC :

This method has gone viral and people really love it but you won't always find good connections. It is more toward engaging users to comment, like, share, send virtual gifts and many more. In this manner, you can create friendly environment with other users and create good bonding. You may send gifts, voice messages, chats, emojis, update status, edit your profile, view others profile and many more.
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Skout App Features :

Skout app has been buzzed with really good features that you will find reliable. Unlike other dating networks, Skout has got features as listed below.
Download Skout App
  • Find local singles very easily using this app
  • Shake to chat feature connect you with users 
  • You can make in app purchases to enjoy other features
  • Send messages, Chat, status and more
  • You can like, Chat, Comment and share stuff
  • Use Buzz Feed to engage with other users and people
  • It has great design and interface

Download Skout App for PC Laptop Windows XP/7/8 :

Bluestacks Android emulator is a great source for PC users, to download and run app from Android. Skout app can be used on PC by using Andyroid emulator.
Download Skout for PC
  • First step would be to download and install Bluestacks on PC from here
  • Now you need to run emulator and search for app 'Skout"
  • Then select corresponding app and click on the install button
  • Next the app will automatically download and install
  • Once the whole install is completed, icon appears in Apps Menu
  • Final step will be to run Skout app and find your date!

Download Skout App for MAC OS Using Andyroid Android Emulator

Skout is a social dating site app released for Android and IOS OS. Most of you might be having Mac and you cannot run Android apps directly. So, we will be using Andyroid emulator to download and run this app.
Download Skout for MAC PC
  • Download and next you need to install Andyroid for MAC from here
  • After that, next step would be to search for "Skout" using homepage search bar
  • Then you got to select the app from search and click to install it
  • Wait a the app will download and install in menu section
  • After installation, you can run the app from menu and enjoy using it!
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Note : This Article is for Educational Purpose only. This doesn't resemble that by any means we are encouraging Adult Stuffs or Dating Services !!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Download Angry Birds Fight Game For PC on Windows XP 7 8 & MAC

Download Angry Bird Fight for PC : Angry Birds Fight is real time strategy game with match three gameplay. This game is well made with F2P feature accompanied by 3S match. So, the game goes like you have to start it and it will automatically find one random player as your opponent. Then you both will be given the same board of birds which have cloned birds mostly. Now you have a time period of 45 seconds to match as many as 3S or 4S more than your opponent. So, to control the game you simply have to swap on the screen device or swipe control. When you see three or more birds able to align in line, you just swap them and get points. This is very simple to understand but the game graphics make it much better to look. It has been released for major OS like Android and IOS only.

Download Angry Bird Fight for PC and Laptop :

Download Angry Bird Fight for PC
This game gets the typical attendance from Angry Birds game series due to their advent of amazing games. Well, this might be very similar to Candy crush saga game and more over the concept about swapping puzzle games is literally going good.  Match three gameplay has become one of the best puzzle advent for mobile gamers. But do you think Angry birds have done well for this new game. To me yes, this new game about match three has a better gameplay that you can imagine unlike other games. There is story line because it is a puzzle game but you can gimp over the graphics which are amazing.
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Angry Birds Fight Game Features :

Angry birds fight the new series game is now available to play. This game is lot more different from natural Angry birds games. Here you have to plat match 3 gameplay puzzles and win. SO, let us have a look at the game features.
Download Angry Birds Fight for PC
  • A new F2P real time puzzle game 
  • The game graphics are very well made 
  • Match 3 game play is very easy to understand and play
  • It is available for free to download for Android and IOS
  • Play with random opponents in real time
  • It is available worldwide to play and enjoy
Download : Hay Day for PC Free

Download Angry Birds Fight Game for PC Windows XP 7 8 :

Angry Birds Fight is a frivolous puzzle canned game made for Android and IOS devices. Unlikely it still unavailable for PC desktop but we can use Bluestacks and run it ultimately.
Bluestacks Download for PC
  • First you will have to Bluestacks download for PC from here
  • Now make quick search for 'Angry Birds Fight" game using search bar
  • After that select the game from search results and click to install it
  • Next the game will begin to download and will start to install
  • After install is completed, game icon can be seen in menu
  • Now you can enjoy playing and solving puzzles

Download Angry Birds Fight Game for MAC OS :

Angry Birds Fight is an all new game by Rovio studios. It is released for Android and IOS mobile platform but not yet for any of the desktop OS. So, MAC also cannot run the game but we can use any emulator to do so. I would prefer using Andyroid emulator for MAC and using it.
Download Angry Birds fight For PC
  • First download Andyroid for MAC from here and install it
  • Next step will be to run emulator and search "Angry Birds Fight" game
  • Now you need to click on install the game after selecting it 
  • Then the game will begin to install as download is one
  • Once it is installed, icon of game will be seen in menu
  • Finally run it and start swapping 3S
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Shadowgun Deadzone for PC Download on Windows XP 7 8.1 and MAC

Shadowgun Deadzone for PC : Shadowgun Deadzone is a multiplayer shooter game for mobile devices. It is developed by Madfinger games that launched this game for mobile and PC back but discontinued later for PC.

Shadowgun Deadzone for PC and Laptop Download :

Now, users can play this game using Facebook but it's not much of entertainment to play online. This game was released with awesome graphics which made it among top shooter games leaving no sings between console and mobile gaming. This is a short kind of game where players have to fight through online mode, engaging in intense fights. Previous version was aimed on story but this one has got multiplayer mode where players have to go through levels together a team. Well the game graphics, features seems to be great but again, being free makes in app purchase compulsory at some points. To control the game you have to use on screen touch, which is simple to understand and controls are really responsive.
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 Shadowgun Deadzone for PC Download on Windows XP 7 8.1 and MAC :

In this game you have to choose between two games, Death match with online shooters and second Zone Control where you have to capture flag. It feels very simple to play yet the game has some really cool action and graphics makes it feel great. Follow our below guide which will extol you how to play this awesome shooter game on Windows and MAC desktop OS.
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Shadowgun Deadzone Game Features :

Shadowgun Deadzone is an interesting sharp snippier game with many features and it is loaded with console quality multiplayer game mode.
Shadowgun Deadzone for PC Download
  • Experience the amazing Multi player sharp sniper game on mobile device
  • Shadowgun is Sharpest looking shooter rifle with awesome graphics
  • Choose Death-match or Zone control mode with 10 playable characters 
  • Unlock more weapons and upgrade weapons by increasing the character ranking
  • Experience roll and sprint new control elements implemented in game play
  • Find various rifles, Launchers, Guns, Grenades, Kits and many more

Download Shadowgun Deadzone for PC Laptop Windows XP 7 8 8.1

Shadowgun Deadzone is interesting sharpest shooting game which is available on mobile platform. This game is not yet available on Windows OS. To play this game we need to install Bluestacks Android PC Emulator on PC windows.
Shadowgun Deadzone for PC Download
  • First download and Install Bluestacks emulator on PC Windows from here
  • Now open Bluestacks and search for "Shadowgun Deadzone" Game
  • Click on install button and wait for installation process
  • Game icon will appear in menu after completing the installation
  • Open game from Bluestacks menu and start playing

Download Shadowgun Deadzone Game for Mac PC :

Shadowgun Deadzone game is not available for Mac OS device. To run this game on Mac device we need install Andyroid Emulator first. Follow below steps to play Shadowgun Deadzone on Mac Device using Andyroid.
  • Firstly download the Andyroid on Mac OS device from here
  • Now Install emulator on device and open it
  • In search bar, search for "Shadowgun Deadzone" Game
  • Then Click on Install button and wait to proceed
  • Game icon will now be loaded in your Andyroid menu
  • Open game from Andyroid menu and start shooting
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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Download World At Arms APK for PC and Laptop on Windows XP 7 8 and MAC

Download World At Arms Game : World At Arms is war strategy game by Gameloft for free. It is based on the modern day warfare and skills where users have to control their heavy troops and machinery lineups. As this game is based on Battle, you will have to fight wars on Sea, Air and Ground collectivity to achieve victory.

World At Arms Download for PC and Laptop :

 The game begins with United States of America being attacked by some evil dark forces. These forces are very highly trained and are aiming to destroy the USA. Now, you have to start the game, make your military, base, army, troops better and join with allies to take down the enemies. You can take on solo missions in the beginning of the game and later join with friends through Mutliplayer mode. You have to make definite plan to defeat the alliance to ground. This game has a strong gameplay with pretty nice graphics and animations overall. All the buildings, troops, vehicles, machinery and military vehicles look more realistic. You will be awarded different in game bonuses and achievements. You can connect with your friend through Facebook to borrow units and lend them.

Download World At Arms APK for PC and Laptop :

Download World At Arms APK
World At Wars game is released for Android and IOS operating platforms now. It is not yet available for PC or MAC OS but we can use Emulators to run it.
Download : Clash of clans for pc 

World At Arms Game Features

This game has so many good features that you would like to read. So, just glance over them before.
Download World At Arms APK Download
  • Better graphics, animations and entertaining gameplay
  • Game units, buildings and environment look more realistic
  • You can build Atlas the most famous game changing unit   
  • Earn free bonus by completing game missions and achievements 
  • You can save your game levels and achievements through Google Play
  • Taken on rival with your friends and heavy military 
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Download World At Arms for PC Laptop Windows XP 7 8 :

World at Arms game is not released for PC windows OS but we can run it using any emulator. Bluestacks is one of the best Android emulators to run multiple Android games and Apps easily. I will be showing you how to download and run this game on PC.
  • First download Bluestacks for PC from here
  • Now install it by following on screen steps
  • Then search for "World at Arms" game using search bar and click on install button
  • Next the game will automatically be downloaded and starts to install
  • Few minutes later, now the game is completely installed 
  • Run the game from Apps Menu and enjoy playing!

Download World At Arms Game for MAC :

Andyroid is a Android emulator which can be used to run Android based games for both MAC and PC platforms, Well, we will now only concentrate on how to get this game for MAC OS using Andyroid emulator.
Download World At Arms for PC
  • Firstly you will have to download "Andyroid Android Emulator" for MAC from here
  • After that you have to install and search for "World At Arms" game now
  • Next select the game from search list and then click to install it
  • Later, the game will be installed in few minutes
  • Finally the game is now installed and you can run it happily!
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Download!! SlimBrowser for PC/ laptop for Free - Android Apk for Windows 7, 8.1

SlimBrowser is a fast and secure web browser which might be no match to Firefox and Chrome but it's still fast enough and secure. It is a specially built browser for windows with many loaded features. The best part is that it loads very quickly from our desk and there is least minimum delay while webpage is loaded. It has really stronger security and makes your browsing time much ease with strong privacy. I can say this is the best browser which least dis-attracts its users while browsing. It has got many features that can be accessed in few clicks but you get never bored. It has got a in-built download manager which can speed your downloads up to 12 times and it also hold download history. It fills forms easily with help of master passwords, it blocks annoying ads and popup ads automatically. They have Spell checker for web forms, which highlights all our mistakes. You can visit webpages without any distracting and annoying ads as they get eliminated in no time you open them.

SlimBrowser Pros and Cons

We have listed few of the great good and bad things out of this browser for our users to decide.
  • Omni-bar mode
  • Clipboard Images
  • Automatic web form filler with spell checker
New look and Ad blocker
  • Crowdy look
  • Less customization options

Slim Browser Features - PC/Laptop Windows XP/7/8

Slim Browser has been adding new features to their list. They do so to make their user experience much better and their browser even better. They have really cared to make it more faster, secure and stronger then it was in pat. You might wish you have a look at this browsers features below.
  • You can use single master password and fill online form much easily. This makes your account management much easier
  • You can view different webpages in Tabbed views and also use multi threaded download manger using different servers for faster downloading
  • You can save Images and multimedia easily. Use their custom YouTube Video download and MP4 to MP3 feature 
  • You can translate different languages without leaving the webpages and block annoying ads using adblockers
  • Take Web screenshots, Block Popup and Delete  Browsing history
  • You can browse be much easily, faster and in a secure manner

Download SlimBrowserf for PC/Laptop Windows XP/7/8

Slimbrowser is a perfect and well secured Internet browser to surf webpages on top notch speed. It has a very powerful support system with great engine layout. It is packed up with many new and different features with the new Microsoft Trident engine. So, let me show you how to download Slim Browser for PC from online.
  • First you will have to go to Slim Browser official website from here
  • Next click on 'Download" button on top menu beside Product link
  • Now you can select to download this browser
  • You might select the Automatic installer ( With Cnet Installer) which is the full version
  • You can also select the Portable version from external mirror links

I will show you how to download with help of Cnet installer 

  • After clicking on Cnet download link, you have to click on Download Now button and save the setup file
  • Now run the installer and select the directory to install on PC
  • Now the browser will be successfully installed in sometime
  • After installation, run the browser from desktop and enjoy browsing the web!

Download Pocket App For PC : Windows XP 7 8 and MAC

Pocket App Download : Pocket app saves Internet web articles, videos and content for later use. I presume that Internet has become more of a distraction. But using Pocket, you can refer those articles and content you liked and want to read. The idea behind Pocket app is really good which aims to providing read it later service for all mobile and tablet users. The app has been designed with custom Interface and the UI look is simply good.

Pocket App for Android Windows and Iphone : 

It has some excellent features which wind you up and some of them are really good. So, you can save all the articles and videos at one place because the offer unlimited storage. There are 3 different full screen modules which can be used.

Download Pocket App For PC : Windows XP 7 8 and MAC

You can tag each article and video you save, making it easy to search later and use. It has powerful search which brings you access to new topics and the saved ones. It can also be integrated with some social apps like Twitter, Flipbaord, Feedly and some more.
Pocket App Download
 Later, they also released desktop web browser extension which serves the same purpose but does not have such good interface as the app does. Anyways you can have the web version for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer. So, what are you waiting for, just download and start browsing the best content from your Tablet and Phone.
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Pocket App Features:

Pocket app  is an awesome and important application to save articles, videos and other content in optimized easy to view way.
Pocket App Download
  • Store unlimited data of documents, videos and article at one place in our device
  • Different types of reading modes based on Night and Day
  • Organize your storage with tagging and powerful search
  • Connect and work with twitter, Facebook, Gmail and more
  • Share your content with friendly easily to ever note, twitter and Facebook
  • Even store articles and videos in offline mode to view later
Download : Drag Race Rush for PC

Download Pocket App for PC and Laptop Windows XP 7 8 8.1 :

Pocket App is an important and amazing app available for Smartphone devices to store their articles and videos easily. This app is not yet available for PC/ Laptop Windows OS. To run this app on Windows OS we must install Bluestacks Emulator on PC. It is an Android Emulator which easily runs any Android app on PC windows.
Pocket for PC
  • First we need to download Bluestacks Emulator on PC/ Laptop from here
  • Now Install the emulator on PC Windows and open it
  • Search for "Pocket" App in emulator search bar
  • Then click on install button and wait for process to start
  • App icon will now be loaded ion your Bluestacks menu
  • Open App from menu and start storing your data

Download Pocket App for Mac OS device :

Pocket App is not available for Mac OS, so we need to use Andyroid emulator to run this app. Andyroid is an Interface between Mac and Android allows to run any Android app on Mac Os device easily. Follow my below instruction to install Pocket App on Mac OS device using Andyroid.
Pocket App
  • First download and install Andyroid Emulator on Mac OS from here
  • Now search for "Pocket" app in its search bar
  • Click on install button and wait for installation to complete
  • After installation is done, App icon will appear in your Andyroid menu
  • Open the app from Andyroid menu and start saving your content

Download Pirate Kings for PC : Windows XP 7 8 and MAC

Download Pirate Kings for PC : Pirate Kings is a time killer and addictive game by Jelly Button Games. It is released for Android, IOS and Facebook web to play.

Pirate Kings for PC Download :

 It is a multiplayer game first released for Facebook Web online and then made available for Mobile OS. In this game you play as Mighty pirate who sets on to become the king of pirates and conquer the seven seas. As you progress, attack on your friends and stranger islands to plunder their wealth. Then use the plunder wealth in order to build your island and protect it from enemies.

 Download Pirate Kings for PC / Laptop : Windows XP 7 8 and MAC

 If you lose island battle, you can take revenge so as your friends can. So the first thing is to make your island better and defend it against attacks so you don't lose your booty. Another big feature in this game is Wheel of fortune, which will deiced your glory. You have to spin it and you might earn gold, opportunity to attack any friend or stranger island. Using it you can also add three protective shields to your island. One more thing is that there is limit to number of spins you can make and there is no timer for this game. You can play it at any speed you like without being worried. 
Pirate Kings for PC Download
The game graphics and Gameplay together makes it a complete charm to play. It has quality game animations like Spinning Wheel, Characters and many more. Talking about controls, they are responsive but you don't have much to stress on.
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Pirate King Game Features :

Pirate Kings game has lot more than just meets the eye. It has sensation game features that will catch your eye. So, start reading the game features now.
Pirate Kings for PC Download
  • The game graphics and Gameplay are really good to play
  • It is an addictive game with lots of fun in it
  • You can attack friends or stranger islands
  • Attack islands and steal from them all the loot
  • Conquer all the islands and the seven seas
  • Visit Island shop to make purchase and upgrades
  • Spin the wheel of fortune to get gold and lots of new opportunities 
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Pirate Kings Game for PC Windows 8 7 10 XP  :

Pirate Kings is a addictive casual game where you go on a quest to become the king of pirates. This game has been released for Android and IOS OS but not for PC till now. To download and run it on PC, we will use Bluestacks Android emulator.
pirate kings for pc
  • First you need to download and install Bluestacks Android emulator for PC from here
  • Now make search for the game "Pirate Kings" using the search bar provided
  • After that select the game from search list and click on it
  • Then you have to click on install button and proceed to next step
  • As the game is being installed, wait for sometime
  • After installation is done, game is ready to play from Apps Menu

Download Pirate Kings Game for MAC OS Using Andyroid Android Emulator

Andyroid emulator emulates Android based games and PC to run them on Mac OS without any error. We can similarly use it to run Pirate Kings game on MAC OS as well. Follow m y below steps to know how to do it.
Pirate Kings for PC Download
  • First step is to download Andyroid emulator for MAC from here
  • After that install it on your MAC by following on screen steps carefully
  • Then search for "Pirate Kings" game and click to install it 
  • Now the game will be downloaded and installs in no time
  • After the game installation is over, icon will appear in menu
  • Finally you can start the game and enjoy playing it
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