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Download Galaxy Legend Game for PC - Windows and MAC

Galaxy Legend is a impressive role playing strategy game by tap4fun developer studios.It was released for Android operating platform on 18 July,2013.It is a pretty good RPG with excellent game quality design.You will surely love the game graphics and intense colors.Whole game is pretty good and the most exciting part of this game is that you can wage intergalactic wars against other players in Multiplayer mode which nails the whole game.Though the game interface is not solid built but the concept of game is very nice which will be loved by all fans for sure.If you've never had RPG gaming experience then Galaxy Legend game is one of the best RPG games for mobile smartphones now.Story lines with opening graphics visuals at the beginning of game seems exciting and the game play itself is very well made which conjures the whole part of the game.It will give some of the best stunning movements of galactic wars.In this game you will be playing the role of Commander of a a galactic force.You bear upon the burden of saving the whole universe along with your force and units.So to defend your universe you will have to built a solid force which can defend and as well defeat enemies.You have to plan the best strategic plans of attacks and save humanity at all costs.

Download Galaxy Legend for PC - Windows and MAC

Download Galaxy Legend for PC

Galaxy Legend Game Controls

Galaxy Legend game has very simple controlling options which are rather very repulsive and responsive as well.You will have to tap on screen to move, build and assign attacks or work to forces.To be precise the whole controls are just to tap on the screen and nothing more.Though controls are just tapping but the game play makes it even better looking.
 Galaxy Legend Game Gameplay
Galaxy Legend is a strategy RPG game in which you have to execute your best attack plans and decided best fighting formations for your forces.You can move your battleships and move them to grids for battles.When ever you start a war , you will only have to assigns forces and deploy them.Its more like a theatrical view after that buts still it is really interesting to look.You can deploy some forces in the later part of the battle but it depends on you.

Galaxy Legend Game Features

Galaxy Legend is now one of the best RPG strategy game.The sound, graphics and game play are pretty excellent and build quality of the game is solid.It has been customized for big screens and tablets for sure but you can try luck on small screen too.You will need to devote a lot of time into this game and to rank high on Leaderboard you will have to do much better or sometimes buy in game purchase from Google Play.This game has so many features and we are goign to discuss some of them.
Download Galaxy Legend for PC
  • Best Strategy game with both Single and Multiplayer game modes
  • Wage classic galactic wars against player in Multiplayer
  • Stunning and exciting gameplay graphics visuals
  • More than 100 different battleships and battle styles
  • Upgrade your frets and make them more stronger
  • More than 100's of different missions to take on and one big quest awaiting you

Download Galaxy Legend Game for PC

Galaxy Legend game is released for both Android and IOS mobile OS.It is not yet released for PC windows desktop version.So, we will have to use Bluestacks Android emulator to run Galaxy Legend  game on PC/Laptop for free.So, Follow my steps to know " How to download Galaxy Legend  Game for PC/Laptop for free".
Download Galaxy Legend for PC
  • Firstly you will have to download and Install Bluestacks offline installer for PC from Here
  • Next search for the game " Galaxy Legend" using their search bar
  • Now select the game from search list and clcik on Install button
  • The Installation process will be started and game will appear in your menu after sometime
  • After installation the game will now appear in game menu
  • You can start the game and play Galaxy Legend on PC

Download Galaxy Legend for PC Windows XP 7 8 10 

Galaxy Legend is really an awesome exciting game but as we all know that it is not available for PC.So, we will be using Youwave Android to PC emulator to run Android games and Apps on PC.This app can run Galaxy Legend game easily on PC/Laptop.

Download Galaxy Legend for PC
  • So first of all Download and Then install Youwave Android Emulator on your PC from here
  • After that search for " Galaxy Legend" game and select it
  • Now clcik on Install button and Installation will be started
  • The Game will be appearing in menu as soon as Installation is finished
  • Play Galaxy Legend game from PC now

Download Galaxy Legend Game for MAC OS:

Most of us do have MAC OS and we cannot run any Android game or App on Mac OS directly.So, we will be using Andyroid android to PC and MAC emulator.So, please follow below steps to download Galaxy Legend game for MAC OS.
Download Galaxy Legend for PC
  • So firstly you will have to download Andyroid Android to MAC Emulator from here
  • After that install it on your Mac OS
  • Now search for " Galaxy Legend" game using their search bar
  • Next select the corresponding game from search list and Click on Install button
  • Now the game will begin to Install on your MAC OS
  • Th game will be appearing n your menu as soon as it is Installed
  • Now start Galaxy Legend game for menu and play it on MAC OS

Download Edge Border Color Notification for Samsung S6 and Other Android Smartphones

 Samsung S6 has got the amazing notification App installed in it. This new Application will show notification with colors running at your screen sides. Colors will be running at edges of Phone when you receive an message or Incoming call. This is really an simple app which means a lot as it still unknown to most of us.  Galaxy S6 edge has flexible AMOLED display which has plastic which bends over both left and right instead of glass subtract. These edges will glow as you set in your Edge Notification setting. You can set Red color to your boss number and Green or white for your friends.

 Download Edge Notification for Samsung S6

Even if you lay your Samsung S6 on desk or surface , You can easily see the notification color glowing.  This is a amazing Application for S6 users as it got setting where you can set your own option as you can increase or decrease the length of color at edges. You can also set in which way the color should reflect and even the intensity of color as mostly 25pixels is set as default. The color saturation, brightness and contract can be changed as per your interest and can be set to each individual numbers. As it sounds very simple the same it is also very cool to use. It is the most amazing feature that an Android Handset has ever got.


So let's see some interesting features that make Edge Notification cool and simple to operate. Edge Notification application came with new amazing features which are not yet developed for any Smartphone Android device. Below are some features which attract you if your new to this Application.
  • Can set our own color intensity for each numbers
  • Set different color for your numbers
  • Can set different animations with more effects.
  • Also set notification for different color for App notifications.
  • Can set the type of color to flow at edges.

Download Edge Notification for Samsung S6 and Other Android Smartphones

As it is a special Application developed for only Samsung S6 Smartphone and can also be downloaded to other Android devices also. Here you need to know how to download it if you have not yet installed Edge Notification. lets now look how to install and set the Edge Notification to our device.
 Download Edge Notification for Samsung S6
  • Firstly Download ''Edge Notification" on your Smartphone device.
  • Now install it on your device and open it.
  • As you open it you can see Color and Width as two options.
  • Select color option and set the color for your numbers or Apps.
  • Now Select Width option and chose the desired width of color strips for edges.
  • This strips will be observe at edge of your open with selected color.
  • Then Save the changes and you're done.
You can now enjoy using the new cool notification apps for your incoming calls and messages and also for Apps notification. Follow the above shown steps and make sure you save the setting as you set them.
This Application can also be downloaded to any Android Devices so have fun using it.
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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Download Farm Heroes Saga for PC on Windows XP 7 8.1 and MAC

Farm Heroes Saga is  a addictive puzzle match 3 game which is similar to Candy crush sage and it is developed by King studios.It was released for Android on 12 December,2013.It has been downloaded over Android Google play for more than 500 Million times which is pretty crazy for this kind of game but still it is an addictive game.It is a completely free game developed for Android and IOS operating mobile platforms but you still have in game purchases.You might be wondering why a game very similar to candy crush saga is made.Answer is very simple that this game is made from the developers for Android, ISO hit game Candy crush saga itself.They made this game with a new stylish look and a whole change in the graphics has made a great difference over two of the games.You have to match the collectable cropsies in series of 3.You will have to join the gang of farm heroes to stop the evil racoon from spoiling your precious lands.You can switch and match collectable cropsies to three or more.This game is full of fruits and a bad racoon.You can play through different hundreds of game levels.Strawberry switching and carrot crunching are some of the exiting levels of the game.

Download Farm Heroes Saga for PC - Windows and MAC

Download Farm Heroes Saga for PC
Farm Heroes Saga Game is really  polished and exciting strategy game.The early levels are not difficult but later on it get's together but not so hard that you can't master the game at all.When you achieve something during the game like power ups or rewards then your rewarded with cute sound effects and fireworks bursts sometimes.Every level has certain number of classic moves to complete in order to receive any particular item form the game.
Beat the level by collecting all kinds of cropsies finish the level before you run out of moves Very easy and fun to play game for both Children and Adults age groups More than 100's of different levels to play Invite your friends and share your score levels to them with just one click Many special power ups and Rechargeable boosters Available for free for both Android and IOS mobile OS.

Farm Heroes Saga for PC Features

Farm Heroes Saga is an awesome puzzle match making game developed by King developers how also brought Candy crush saga game into the markets.This game has very good graphics and user interface is outstanding.Even newbies can understand the UI/UX design pretty easily and can play this game at the very moment.It has many features indeed that are exciting.So, why don't we have a look at the features of Farm Heroes Saga Game.
Download Farm Heroes Saga for PC 
  • Best Puzzle Matching game by Hit Android developers of Candy Crush Saga game
  • So many Cropsies to save in Game
  • More then 700 game levels to complete 
  • Each level with new exciting puzzle to solve
  • Defeat the racoon by matching three or more
  • Available for Android and IOS mobile OS

Download Farm Heroes Saga Game for PC Windows XP 7 8 10 

Farm Heroes Saga game is an repacked puzzle matching game with lots of new characters, features and power ups to hold.It has been released for Android and IOS for free but it is still unavailable for PC desktop windows version.We will be using Bluestacks Android PC emulator to run this game on PC.
Download Farm Heroes Saga for PC
  • First of all you got to download and then Install Bluestacks offline installer on your PC
  • Later search for game" Farm Heroes Saga" using search bar and select the game from list
  • Now click on Install button and game will start to Install
  • After a few minutes the game will be installed and Appear in your Bluestacks menu
  • Start the game and enjoy playing Farm Heroes Saga on PC

Download Farm Heroes Saga Game for Laptop On Windows 

Youwave is really an absolute Android to PC emulator and can run number of games and apps on PC with no error.So, we will now use Youwave Android emulator to run Farm Heroes Saga game on PC.

  • Firstly download the Youwave Android emulator for PC from here
  • Then install it on your PC and search " Farm Heroes Saga" game now
  • Then select the corresponding game from list and Install it 
  • In just sometime , game will be automatically installed on your PC
  • Start Farm Heroes Saga from your menu and Play it

Download Farm Heroes Saga Game for MAC Free

Andyroid Android Emulator is both an PC - MAC Android emulators but we will use it to download and Install Farm heroes saga game on MAC OS.Most of do have Mac but we cannot run any Android game or App directly.So, please follow my below steps.
Download Farm Heroes Saga Game for MAC
  • Firstly download and Then install the Andyroid android emulator for MAC from here
  • Later search and select the game " Farm Heroes Saga" from search list
  • Then click on the install button and it will be installed on your Mac OS
  • As soon as Installation is over the game will appear in your menu
  • Start playing Farm Heroes Saga game on Mac OS!
If you still have any doubts in  Download Farm Heroes Saga Game for PC Tutorial Comment your questions below which we will answer as early as possible.

5 Android Apps To Earn Money Online and Rewards Easily

Earning money has never been so easy for young guns and many others who love their Android smartphone.Yes, it is true that you can actually make a sensible amount of money through your Smartphone for free.Moreover people do not actually know that you can earn real cash and rewards by just installing apps from different developers.There are some awesome apps that can help you make money in no time.If you really want to have some money then start reading the whole post now.

Android Apps To Earn Money Online

Here is a list of Top 5 Android Applications to earn money online easily

Google Opinion Rewards

Android Apps to Earn Money Online
Most of the People are not aware of Google's another project  which is Google Opinion Rewards on which you can earn just by letting your opinion to them.Many wonder why Google did this but its really an easy way to make some cash out of it.You only have to spend some of your time answering few questions.Before starting a survey click to accept it and answer all asked by on guide and bank your cash into your account  as soon as task is over.
Google opinion Rewards link


MintCoins is the second best app that pays you legit for doing various tasks.Mintcoins name itself suggest you that you may start minting your coins now.Users have to do complete different tasks like downloading apps, Paid apps(high pay), Inviting your friends, Registering on websites,Registering on Paid websites ( High Pay),Watch Videos, Complete surveys and play free games as well.
Android Apps to Earn Money Online

To start making money on MintCoins , you have to register an account using your email address and select the offer s you like to complete.You can also invite three different friends to MintCoins and get paid $1 directly into your PayPal account.
MintCoins Google Play link 

Earn Money

Earn Money is considered to be the Highest paying app networks for doing various activties and simple tasks.All the Offers are very similar to MintCoins like registering , Downloading Apps,,Playing games and Inviting friends.
Android Apps to Earn Money Online
It is super easy to earn money using them , as you might invite your friends and earn $0.25 for some offers.So, Just start earning money from Earn Money App.
Earn Money Google Play link


Rewardable is a complete different app that has very nice UI design and excellent offers for people fro different countries.You have to select any task or offer according to you and compelet it in given time.You will be paid few dollars for just simple tasks.Let me show what kind of tasks you might come across.You might be asked to " Wait time in a restaurant" or " Count number of products in a shelf".
Android Apps to Earn Money Online
To get started you have to download the App and register  then.After that select any offers by clicking on "Complete Now" button.Each task and offer you complete will ear you cash and Rewards.
Rewardable Google Play link

mCent Free Recharge

mCent is a very famous Indian app paying network which  pays for every legitimate download and usage of apps from your account.You can then use the money for paying Mobile Data or Normal balance.This network is precisely for Indian as you might come across many Indian advertiser for mostly.It has been used 6 million people who have earned real cash and turned it into 900,000,00 MB of mobile data charges.
Download mcet and Register using mobile number to get started.
Android Apps to Earn Money Online
mCent Google Play link
  • Then  Click on Start offer and complete it by downloading the respective app
  • After the app is downloaded perfectly, you will receive cash in dashboard
  • Later use it for To Up purpose
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Now WeChat for PC Free Download | Windows 7, XP, 8.1

wechat for pc: Hey Guys we are back with a new Guide of WeChat for PC/Laptop. WeChat a messaging app which knocked the Indian market some time ago only, before that WeChat is popularly use in China. And recently Forbes has featured WeChat as one of the world's most powerful apps. WeChat is the Only Strong competitor of Whatsapp messenger as because of its Unique features offered to its users.
Download: Whatsapp for PC

Features of WeChat for Computer - Windows 

WeChat app is available for free on Google Play Store, iTunes Store and Windows Phone Store. As the app has all the basic features which should be present in a messaging app such as unlimited text messages, Group messages, Sharing audio & Video files, Location Sharing and many other. But there are many other cool features which makes this a very popular messaging client. Such as:-

  • The Most dominating feature of WeChat is the ability to make Video call or Chat. This messaging app has in-built function through which you can have Video Chat with your dear one's without paying any penny.
  • Also you can have Voice Chat or enable it to walki-talki mode which is a unique feature in this app
  • Loaded with tons of Stickers or emoticon. You don't even need to type as you have wide variety of Stickers which you can send to your friends and make conversations more interesting.
  • You can also use "Shake" feature which will able to find peoples nearby you which are Shaking their Phone you can get in touch with them. If you love to make new friends this feature is surely for you.

How to Download/Install WeChat for PC or Laptop - Windows & MAC

As I mentioned above only WeChat is available for all Smartphone Platform for free, but yet its not available for Windows Computer/PC. But don't worry below I have a shared a trick to download and use WeChat on your Windows PC. Just Follow the below instruction:-
  • Download an Android emulator for your Computer. Here we're gonna use Bluestacks app Player as its available for free. (Download Bluestacks Offline Installer)
  • Now Install Bluestacks Player on your System by following the instruction placed on Screen.
  • Now Open Bluestacks software and search for 'WeChat" in the search bar.
  • You will Find it and press the Install button placed just next to it.
  • Wait for few seconds, as its download install WeChat on Computer.
That's it...!! You have downloaded WeChat on Computer. Just go to My Apps section, from there you can access WeChat. So I hope Guys you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any query related to this guide feel free to ask in Comments. Login | Signup - Login inbox Page

Gmail is a free mailing service provided by Google Inc. It was released on April 1, 2004 but was made available to public in the year 2007.The main reason behind the concept of Gmail  was to connect people through their free mailing service. So, users can use it for their non-commercial and commercial purpose too. Since its release GMail has rapidly grown and outreached a classy position. Users need to register to make use of all the website features and bonus like Gmail drive, mailing service, File attachment etc.

Gmail.Com Login and Signup 

According to statics of 2012, Gmail has 420+ million registered users which are really huge. The main reason behind Gmail being on top position is the added features given to every of its registered users. It has a simple and cool UI design with awesome user interface. These are the main reason why users are really interested with it.

Features of Gmail:

  • Send Emails: Registered users can send mails to anyone for free in no time
  • Multiple Platforms: Gmail application is launched for different operating systems like Windows desktop, Mac, IOS, Android and Blackberry
  • Free Cloud: Gmail provides you with free cloud storage of 15 Gigabytes .You can later upgrade to premium plans
  • Sharing: You can send files, videos, Pictures and add attachments in your mails. You can also send files of large size with the help of Google Drive
  • Connectable: Gmail can be integrated with different Apps available on Google Play
  • Better Compose: Modified compose gives you a better and easy to compose your mails and send them
  • UI Design: The overall UI design is very good and really loveable. Users find it truly easy to use and navigation is pretty simple too
  • Talk with Hangouts: Talk with your friends and office dudes using Google Hangouts 
  • Custom Themes: You will be giving a bunch of custom designed themes which are pretty good and you can use nay of them.

How to Login into Your Gmail Account

Gmail is a pretty simple mailing service provider. Every user need to register before they try to login. So, after making an account at Gmail you can follow this simple guide which extols how you can Login into your Gmail account.
  • Firstly you have to go to Gmail login webpage from here
  • Now you can see their Login web page 
  • Next enter your Gmail ID along with your Password 
  • Finally click on the Login button and you will now login into your Gmail account easily
  • So now you have successfully logged into your Gmail account! Happy mailing

How to Logout into Your Gmail Account

So after completing your work on Gmail you would like to Logout now. The steps are pretty simple to Logout from a Google mail account. Just follow the below steps and you can successfully logout form your Gmail account.
  • Open now (
  • Then you have to click on right top corner (not your account profile picture)
  • Now you have to click on the “ Logout” button
  • Now you have successfully logged out from your Gmail account

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Download Shareit for PC on Windows 7 8.1 10 for [ Android Windows and IOS ]

SHAREit makes a connection between two mobile devices that have installed SHAREit. SHAREit allows you to send anything from one device to another device within seconds. You can send files, Documents, Photos Videos, Apps, Games within second to another device having SHAREit Application. This is an most amazing sharing application developed which send its content with lightning speed. You can send content of size 1MB to 100GB easily. It provides an basic communication which is fastest now sharing apps. Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct are very slower when compared with SHAREit. It is developed for fast response and sharing the data. SHAREit is available on Windows phone, Android and IOS platforms.

Download Shareit for PC - Android Windows and IOS

Download Shareit for PC
 This application reduces the time and provides an easy platform between two devices. Just you need to connect with other sending device and data of any size will be saved in your device with in no time. It performs independently in the device. SHAREit doesn't require any support of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi network, Phone network or etc things. The whole content of your device can be sent to other device with only one click. Even Apps can be send through SHAREit with lightning speed.

Shareit for PC Features:

There are many things to said about SHAREit as it firstly reduces the time required to send data to other devices. Here are some features which makes it special form other application in the device.
Download Shareit for PC
  • Devices with SHAREit can find there ranges easily
  • It performs 40x faster than Bluetooth.
  • Without Wi-Fi network, phone network and Bluetooth data can be send through SHAREit.
  • Able send data from 1MB to 100GB with lightning speed.
  • Share a single video, photo, document to multiple devices at single time.
  • Send Apps to other devices directly and easily.

  Download SHAREit for PC - Windows XP 7 8 10 :

Bluestacks is a Android PC Emulator which allows us to download and install any Android Apps on PC windows easily. SHAREit can be downloaded on PC Windows using Bluestacks emulator. This Platform helps use to get connected with PC windows and a Mobile device having SHAREit installed. Here we will guide you how to install and download SHAREit App on PC Windows using Bluestacks Emulator.
  • Firstly Download and Install Bluestacks offline installer for PC from here
  • Then Open Bluestacks and Search for ''SHAREit'' App in search bar.
  • Now Click on Install button and wait for installation.
  • After installing Application, You can see SHAREit icon in Apps menu.
  • Open SHAREit from Menu and start sharing.

Download SHAREit For PC and Laptop :

To download and install SHAREit we have another Android PC Emulator. YouWave is an Android Emulator which will download and install SHAREit and other Android Apps or Games easily on PC Windows. YouWave Emulator is an best alternative for Bluestacks Emulator. Below are the steps to be followed to Download and install SHAREit on PC windows using YouWave.
  • First of all, Download YouWave Emulator on PC from here
  • Then Install Emulator on PC Windows.
  • Open YouWave and search for '' SHAREit '' App.
  • Then Click on install and wait for process.
  • Now App icon will be present in YouWave menu.
  • Open SHAREit form menu and start using it.
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Download Omegle App for PC Laptop - Windows XP 7 8.1 and MAC

Omegle for PC : Omegle is the best online free chatting application to chat with strangers allowing you to communicate with real people. You can easily connect with strangers whom you don't even know using this application and find friends online without the need to register. You won't need to register to start using this app. It connects and pairs up with one on one stranger chats and you don't have to reveal yourself unless you want to. I would say this is a great app for finding friends online without the buzz of registering and introducing yourself. It gives you the power to be anonymous until you want to be. Omegle allows you to chat online with stranger which is their prime features but they also introduced features like Voice chat and Video chat later in 2009 year. Now you can also video chat with strangers face to face and express yourself in a better manner.

Download Omegle App for PC [ Windows XP 7 8.1 and MAC ]

Download Omegle App for PC
Some of the amazing features of Omegle app is that you don't have to register using your Phone number or Email and can be anonymous until you don't want to show yourself. This app will randomly connect you with stranger from over the world and bring you a one on one chatting session. It depends on you whether you want to have a batter conservation using their Voice chat and Video mode which is a monitored feature. While it was a text based version, it did not got such fame but after releasing their video based version. Fans really hung themselves to this app and releasing Android app made it gain much popularity in online world.

Omegle App for PC Features

So if you're wondering to use this app then you go to know that it has really cool feature that will amaze you.  So, It's really a great option to have this app and please read the below features firstly.
Omegle for PC
  • You can add your Interest which makes it easy for fining people with same interest of yours
  • You will be anonymous all time unless you reveal yourself with the stranger online
  • Three different options to communicate online like Text chat, Voice and Video chat
  • Allows you to leave any conservation at any time
  • You can share your chat with your friends using Facebook and other social media
  • /You can also save the Media conservation to your SD card

Download Omegle App for Laptop Windows XP 7 8.1 10

As we all know that we have to use any Android Emulator to run Android app and games on PC. So, We will be using Bluestacks Android Emulator to download and Install Omegle app on your Windows XP PC. Please follow the below steps to know "How to download Omegle app for PC/Laptop".
Omegle for PC
  • Firstly download Bluestacks for PC Android emulator
  • Then search for " Omegle" app using their search bar
  • After that select the corresponding app and click on Instal button
  • After sometime the app will be installed and will appear in your App menu
  • Now open the Omegle app and start chatting with strangers

Download Omegle for PC Windows XP 7 8 10 

Youwave Android emulator is one of the best alternative to Bluestacks which allows you to run any Android game or app on PC for free. I will be showing you how to Download and Install Omegle app on your PC and Laptop using Youwave Android emulator for free. Just follow the below steps and carry on.
Omegle for PC
  • So first of all you've to download and then Install Youwave Android emulator form Here
  • Later search "Omegle" app and then select the respective app from search list
  • Now click on Install button and wait for sometime
  • The app will now be installed and will appear in Menu after installation
  • After installation Omegle app is now available to run on your PC
  • Just click on it and start chatting with strangers online
If you still have any questions or doubts regarding the article feel free to comment below, we would be glad to help you out.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Check Out the Best Android Apps and Games of 2015

Android apps and Games are on a reel of change forever, you won't stick either to a app or games for a long time now because of many being released everyday.Plenty of Apps and Games are being released by Android developers every day, some of them may their way to top and impress you people.While some of them lack features and qualities to attract Android smartphone users.Even after the release of Google Android lollipop 5.1, we have seen a steady increase in app generation now.So, I came up with anew list of best Android apps and games for March 2015.

Best Android Apps and Games of 2015 

Best Android Apps and Games of 2015

1.King of Thieves :

King of Thieves is a strategy game by Zeptolab who created awesome Android hit games like Cut the Rope and its successor 2.It is a very entertaining game in which you have to dodge different traps being crafty in every manner similar to a thief.You have to loot gold from different players on Multiplayer and lead your way on top of world wide leader board.Many and different game level and each with equally sizzling tough situations.
You can also follow on screen guide for better understanding.You can craft you outfit as you wish,loot Gold, steal stuff, defend your loot and claim the throne.
Download King of Thieves game from Google Playstore

2.Swipes - To Do and Task Manager

Everyone must have an Android app that works to schedule his work each and every day.Swipes is such an app that has great combination and well crafted to power every use to schedule his work ultimately.You can easily plan your daily timeline, work mode, set any priorities and be right on time.You will get reminded by notifications.
It has a very decent UI design which is easy to understand with dark,lite themes to chose from.All your data is ave and back end on their cloud servers.
Download Swipes - To Do & Task Manager from Google Playstore

3. Dungeon Hunter 5 

Dungeon Hunter 5 is an action based game by Gameloft studios who are well famed in this category.Dungeon Hunter series is a well famous action games series which is really fascinating with new levels and better gaming interface every time anew one being released.
You can play single player gameplay with vengeance of Hero to become the most notorious of all the heroes and villains.You can even ire your friends or  others to help you with and play against them in online multiplayer mode.You can chose from More than 46 amours and 150 different weapons like swords, axes and much more.
Download Dungeon Hunter 5 Game from Google Playstore

4. Writer

Most of us do face several problems while writing things and its really frustrates us.Here is an application named " Writer" which is a writing app of perfection.It doesn't look like old fuzzzy word processor or any distraction writer but works much better than normal writers.It can help you write much perfectly and in a less span of time.
If you want to write a novel,Book or any Philosophy then this app works fine for you.It can take loads of work and doesn't struck any time.It has really a neat design an d Interface made for every user to love it.All the writing you write through it are saved in your SD card in " Writer" folder.
Download Writer app from Google Playstore

5. TinkerPlay

Tinkerplay is a free to customize 3D toys app which allows you design your own 3D toys and scary creatures.You just have to imagine with built in library and simple use drag,drop feature to build a new toy.Nothing much to then jst dragging and snapping parts together to bring out your creative nature.
Another good part of this app is that you can also make 3D print outs of your creature created.
There are many parts to chose from and you can select character kits like dragon and scorpion skins.It supports multi touch support, so that you can play with creature  using your fingers.
It requires 1 GB smartphone to perform well and not to lag any time.
Download Tinkerplay app from Google Playstore