Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Download Facebook Messenger for PC/Laptop - Windows 7, 8.1 and MAC [FB Free]

fb messenger for pc: Facebook Messenger is inbuilt within the Facebook application which you’re using through the browser. You can access your chats and messages through the native Facebook app for your smartphone or tablet but to get an awesome experience and avail certain unique features which are exclusively available for Facebook Messenger then you need to use this separate app which is available for free. 

I’ll be sharing here a guide on how to download Facebook Messenger for PC and also let you know what this app all about. I’ll let you know the exact review of this app which you can then either use on your compatible Android or iOS or Windows smartphone or in case if you don’t have any such device then avail its features directly on your computer.
You don’t need to worry about anything since the complete guide is going to be simple and you’re going to find complete step by step tutorial over here. The app is developed by official Facebook developers and you’re definitely going to get genuine app through a genuine method on your computer. So you don’t need to worry about anything since you’re not going to go through any hacking path.

About Facebook Messenger app features for Windows

This is the official app from Facebook using which you can access messages of your friends over your Facebook account. You can get messages directly and you can even start sharing pictures, videos, voice notes and many other supported files directly within the messages.
Its user interface is awesome and sound effects are unique. You can even enable Chat Head feature which is awesome and handy. Users can make free calls using the data pack of your device within your Facebook friends via this Messenger app.

Steps to Download Facebook Messenger for PC

You can find this app on the Google play store with Messenger name only but you need to search for Facebook Messenger otherwise you may find some fake or not official app. 

In order to get this app installed on your computer you have to go through the process as described down here. First make sure that the graphics driver version of your computer is running on its latest available version since this app uses very high quality of graphics.

1. BlueStacks Android emulator software is needed to make this installation happen at your PC since Facebook Messenger is an Android app. Bluestacks Offline Installer

2. Install the BlueStacks then by following on screen instructions and within few minutes this app will be live on your computer.
3. Start BlueStacks and within its user interface you will find a search tool using which you need to find out Facebook Messenger Android app.

4. Within the search tool you’ll find Facebook Messenger app and then your job is to click on install option to complete task from your side.

Now installation of this app within BlueStacks will happen automatically just like it happen an Android device. So you don’t need to worry about anything now since everything is done from your side. I hope you goinjg to share it with your friends.

Monday, 24 November 2014

Download Showbox for PC/Laptop - Windows 7,8.1, XP and MAC

Do have an idea about show box ? No idea then, go head head with this article. It is an user friendly app that had been created particularly for internet users. It is an co-friendly which we have in our hands. This app mostly useful for internet user for watching TV programs or films on their own laptop/PC. The peculiar thing about show box is a downloading and maintain this app is very easy mostly you can get this package  absolutely for free. You can see your favorite movies or show by free. You can get the ultimate quality as well that you can estimate . Mainly the usage of application is simple, easy and in minimal process.
show box
You can get this application in two languages in English and Russian and  no other languages. This show box was created and designed by the other countries belonging to Russia, united states. This application is specially designed for Android device.

Is it Useful

Yes ! defenetly why not? Day by day technology is improving more and more and we don’t get to watch a movie in theater and to watch our favorite program in TV. Here is the simple solving option to made a brightness to our life can solve these type of simple issues. Boring for regular work feeling some relaxation in house itself or any other place this is solution that is show box. Navigation is so simple that you can see above on your application you can find some options for selection either to share or update status or to watch program or to watch a film. You don’t get any problem with errors or with the video clarity and balance is that much they maintained.

About different apps

You can get combo offers on of all TV shows, programs using show box you can either download it permanently or you may watch on regular basis. You download it permanently you can watch when ever you want. You can watch your favorite programs regularly or even if you miss then you can continue or you see the repeated telecast of programs. You can make bookmark of your favorite programs websites for easy accessing. This application enables you to make a list of favorite programs and can save in a MY LIBRARY that you have on your app.


Before running application make sure that the internet is in good connection.
  • At first you have to start your download application with show box and Android emulator” BLUE STACKS”. (Bluestacks Offline Installer)
  • Nobody heard about blue stacks how ever it enables an “ Android application on your PC”.
  • Start download  blue stack, after downloading install that application in your PC.
  • After successful done application on your PC, now you can download the show box.
  • After downloading the show box , you have to install show box in blue stacks by directing for app section and you can search for “ show box”. or else
  • You can get automatic installation by downloading the APK file of show box.
You will get automatic installation if you open the APK file of your show box which you have downloaded. This is the easy process of downloading even who don’t have an idea about net searching and about apps installation.

Final Verdict:

The way you downloaded is an easy manner in the same you can install this app in a very easy and simple manner that you wont waste much time. This is best application for watching programs, serials, films, surfing videos then we get doubt why we will uninstall . Even though it is a good but you have keep in mind for other alternatives like memory allocation space about RAM.  Internet data charges for surfing videos. High internet speed for watching those you will maintain these is not at all a big issue but who will see all these problems can check once and have an installation. Had a quick installation on your PC and enjoy your day with your favorite programs.

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC/Laptop Free Download [Windows 7, XP, 8.1]

Zombies can make you feel bad and also frightened up, right? But how about killing those zombies in an action packed game which is completely unique. I can bet that you haven’t played any game like this one which I’m sharing with you right here. Game name is Plants vs Zombies 2 and it’s developed by EA developer which is known for its quality. 

This game is big in size and thus got lots of system requirements which mean that you need to have a high end Android device to run it. In case if you don’t have that then it’s time to start playing the same game right on your Windows computer and I’ll be sharing a complete guide over here.
Game is available on the Google play store and also on iTunes app store. No other platform is supported for now because of high requirement of this game. It already got millions of gamers from all parts of the world and they are all addicted. 
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I’ve been playing it personally since years and believe me you’re also going to get addicted and will find hard to learn everything about it because of its surprising nature.

Features of Plants vs Zombies 2 game

This game had won best games of 2013 on the Google play store award which clearly reflects the kind of game you’re about to play. It got awesome quality of graphics performance along with superb sound effects. Both these things are unique which offers complete unique game playing experience.
You need to play from side of plants.Your main task is to learn about each and every plant you got and then use them in the war against zombies. Every plant got its own power which needs to be used against the zombies to kill them and stop them from eating mind of you.

You need to grow your own plants and earn special power-ups. You can use lots of super powers as well which are hard to earn and every level is going to leave you certain coins.

Steps to Download Plants vs Zombies 2 for PC

Main task before starting with the installation steps is to upgrade the graphics driver version of your computer to the latest version. Once you’re done with it then next is to start following below mentioned steps as it is.
1. First download BlueStacks software on your computer which is available for free over here. You can trust it since it’s developed by a genuine developer. (Download Bluestacks Offline Installer)
2. Click on the installer of BlueStacks and then follow on screen instructions to complete the installation of this software on your computer.
3. Start BlueStacks and within its user interface you’ll find a search tool using which you need to find out Plants vs Zombies 2 game. 
4. As you found the game in search results then click on install option to complete things off from your side.

And that’s it! Wait for a while till game gets downloaded and then it will be installed automatically. You can start playing it any time from the BlueStacks and hope you’re going to share this guide with your friends.

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Download Whatsapp for Laptop/PC free - Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1

Whatsapp, the best messaging client for all platforms.Nowadays no one is Unknown with Whatsapp messenger.Everyone is using whatsapp, it has made a special corner in our day to day life. Whatsapp is already loaded with tons of great features like voice messaging,instant messaging, sharing pics and videos and much more. But what if you can download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop.

Whatsapp is available for almost all mobile platform such as Android, Symbian, iOS, Windows Phone. But what if you don't have any of these platform smartphone. Don't worry Here I will Show you How you Can Download and Install Whatsapp on your Windows PC/Laptop for free.

Features of Whatsapp on Computer

  • Now almost every person use Whatsapp, so when you will be using Whatsapp then you will able to chat almost all your friends just free of cost.
  • It Simply Creates your Profile you have to Just add your Pic and Name.
  • You can Chat with you're friends personally simply add them in Groups and have Group Chat where you Share audio, video, images and many more things to your friends.
  • The App has simple and elegant user interface, so you won't face any problem if you're using it for first time.
  • The app allows you to Send unlimited messages to your friends over whatsapp for free just need an internet connection.

How to Download and Install Whatsapp for PC/Laptop - Windows & MAC

So after knowing so many features of Whatsapp messenger, I am sure you would be excited to try it on your Windows PC or Laptop. So simply follow below instruction:-
  • First and foremost download Bluestacks an Android emulator for windows and MAC environment. You can download Bluestacks Offline Installer.
  • Now Install the Bluestacks software on your Computer and Start it 
  • Now Simple search for "Whatsapp messenger" and click on Install button presented with it
  • Wait for few seconds till it get installed and Voila you have installed Whatsapp on your PC

Now to Start using Whatsapp on your PC/Laptop simply go to My Apps section and from there you can access Whatsapp. I hope Guys you enjoyed this tutorial on How to Download Whatsapp for PC/Laptop. If you have doubt related to this method feel free to ask in comments. Keep reading our Blog.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Download Talking Tom Cat For PC/Laptop free - Windows XP,7, 8.1 and 10

Talking Tom cat for Computer: Hey Guys we're back again with a our latest tutorial on How to download talking tom cat for pc or Laptop free. If you own an Android Smartphone then you must be knowing about the very famous app Talking tom Cat which created a buzz Just after its Launch.
Nowadays everyone has a Smartphone because it makes our daily life tasks easier and not only this there are many Game apps available like Temple Run 2, Subway Surfers and to make you laugh there are also available many Fun apps and Talking Tom cat is one of them.

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About Talking Tom Cat for Computer

Talking Tom cat is a Fun Category application which Listens and Repeat your words in a different Funny manner. The app was launched initially for Android Platform where it got good responses and Soon after that it was released for different Mobile Platform like iOS, Windows Phone. As Talking Tom has got millions of download and Reviews  on Play Store, the developers has Launched the second version of this app.

Not only it replicates your Voice but also respond to you through Funny actions when you touch the Cat body. You can Pull his Tail and it will Start screaming or Just Slap him hard and he will Fall down to the Ground. Also if you want to can feed him my Giving him Milk or throw a cake on his face.
You can have a great fun with this app by singing a Song and listing to its funny replication by Tom cat. Also you can record the Voice and Video using its inbuilt Options and Share it with your Friends on Facebook, Youtube or Whatsapp.

How to Download Talking Tom on PC/Laptop  [Windows & MAC]

You can easily install Talking tom on PC/laptop without much hassle. But as I mentioned above Talking Tom Cat app is available for Only Smartphones there is no official PC version released. But in this tutorial I will Show you How to use Talking Tom Cat app on Computer using a third part Software Bluestacks. So Let's get Started:-
  • Fist and foremost Download Bluestacks and Install it on your Computer or Laptop. (Bluestacks Offline installer)
  • Now as you have installed Bluestacks Software, you need to Open it and search for "Talking Tom Cat" using the search tool present in it.
  • You will the app and an Install button at the right side, Just Click the Install button.
  • Now wait for few seconds till it get installed on your PC.

And you're done. When its Completed Just go to My Apps section from there you can Start using Talking Tom app on PC/Laptop. I hope Guys you enjoyed this tutorial, If you have any query related to this tutorial feel free to ask in Comments. Keep Reading Droid Games.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Free Download Candy Crush Saga for PC/Laptop - Windows xp, 7, 8 and 8.1

Are you looking for Candy Crush Saga for PC/Laptop:- Candy Crush saga is a very popular Puzzle game available for Android and iOS Platform for free. This is an Simple yet Interesting game having more than 515 level so chance that anyone's get bored while playing this Game. Here I will Share How to download and Play Candy Crush Saga for PC/Laptop Online as well as Offline.
As the Game was launched for Mobile Platform, but after seeing its Craze developer launched it on Facebook as well. That mean's you can also Play Candy Crush Saga on Facebook (Online) on you're Computer. So before I will Show you How to download Candy Crush Saga for PC, let's have look to its features.

Features of Candy Crush Saga for Computer:-

After the Game was launched for Facebook, it has become very popular game nowadays you would also be getting daily you're friends request on FB to Join your on Candy Crush Saga. The Game is developed by King Games.
  • The Game objective is simple:- match 3 same color candies to move up in the game.
  • Easy to use Interface so if you're using it first time also you won't find any difficulty to understand the Game.
  • Have HD Graphics and Sound which makes the Game for interesting
  • You can Challenge you're friends or invite them to Play with you
  • As you Completes level, new items will be unlocked.

How to Download and Play Candy Crush Saga on PC free

So guys after knowing so many features of the Game you will be excited to try this game ones. But to run this game me need High Configuration Smartphone so that it can handle high Graphics. That's why here I am Sharing Trick to Download Candy Crush Saga for PC/Laptop for Windows xp, 7, 8 and MAC.
  • Download and Install Bluestacks app Player on your Windows Computer. (Download Bluestacks)
  • Now Start Bluestacks software on you're PC and search for "Candy Crush Saga" in the Search tool present in Bluestacks software.
  • You'll find the Game and Install button with it, Just Click on the Install button and wait for few seconds.
  • And Voila..! You have installed Candy Crush Saga game on you're Computer. Now go to My apps section from there you can start Playing the Game.
I hope you Guys enjoyed the easy tutorial on How to Play Candy Crush Saga on PC for free. If you have any query related to this Guide feel free to ask in Comments. Thanks for Reading !!

Friday, 31 October 2014

[Download] Hill Climb Racing for PC/Laptop - Windows (7|XP|8.1) & MAC

Hey Guys, I'm back again with an awesome and Latest Tutorial on How to Download Hill Climb Racing for PC/Laptop for free. Hill Climb Racing is a very popular Car Game but its not a Kinda of Racing Game, its something different from that and which make this game very much Fun.
Hill Climb game is one of the most popular game available for Smartphones on each Platform. The Game is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone users for free. But if you don't own a Smartphone and Still you want to enjoy this Game. Here is the Complete Step by Step Guide to Play Hill Climb Racing on Computer/Laptop running on Windows & MAC.

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Features of Hill Climb Racing on Computer

The Hill Climb Racing game has Unique Game Play which make this Game exciting whether you're Playing it Regular or for the First time. The Game screen looks similar to below image in which there would be a Gas pedal to accelerate you vehicle, a brake pedal to decrease and Stop your car. Also there would 2 meters which display RPM and boost respectively. 
The Game has more than 14 different vehicles starting from car, dirt bike to Police Car and Tractor. Also its has 14 different levels and each level is different from the last One and more Tough. You will driving your vehicles in different different regions like Desert, Hills and also Snow. The Game Play looks easier but believe its not that much you need to practice to Complete this Game.

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How to Download Hill Climb Racing on PC/Laptop - Windows & MAC

Now after knowing about the Game you would be very excited to Play this game. So Follow the Simple Steps mentioned below and install Hill Climb Racing on your Computer and Start Playing.
  • First of all you need an Android Emulator to use Android apps on your PC. Here I'm using Bluestacks App Player, you can download bluestacks offline installer from here.
  • Now as you have downloaded Bluestacks, its Time to install it on your PC. To install Just follow the Onscreen instructions.
  • After its installed, Open Bluestacks Software and search for "Hill Climb Racing" using the search tool.
  • You will find the Game with an Install button on right side. Just Click on it.
  • Now wait for few seconds till the Game gets installed.
And That's it. Now go to My Apps section and from there you can Start Hill Climb Racing game on your Windows or MAC PC/Laptop. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any query related to above Steps feel free to ask in Comments.

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Download Whatsapp for Samsung Bada or JAVA Mobile/Tablet - Champ, Chat, Wave

After our Last Guide on How to download Whatsapp for PC and we're back again with our Latest Guide to Download Whatsapp for bada OS. Whatsapp messenger is one of the best messaging client availble for all Smartphone Platform like Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8.1, Symbian. It has been recorded 600 million users using Whatsapp in all over the world.
After Whatsapp getting success in the market many alternative messenger were introduced in the market such as WeChat, Hike, BBM, etc. But none of them able to Give a Competition of its Simple User Interface and Fast sending of messages and the bets part there are no ads. So for our Readers here is the tutorial to download Whatsapp for bada os and Whatsapp for Samsung Java for free.

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Features of Whasapp on Samsung Bada & JAVA

Whatsapp is a cross platform messaging client which allows you to send free Unlimited text messages over internet. It uses your regular data connection to send messages, not only this you can also send Images, Videos, Audio files to other Whatsapp users. Some of the main features of Whatsapp for Bada are:
  • Unlimited Text messages: You can send Unlimited sms messages through whatsapp messenger without paying a single penny. It will use your internet connection to send and retrieve messages from Whatsapp messenger.
  • Sharing Videos and Wallpapers: Not only text messages, but you can also send Images and Videos with your friends to make your Chat most interesting. But there is Limit you can only send 16 MB of Video Files.
  • Send Voice messages: Also you can send voice messages to your friends on Whatsapp. If you're to lazy to type your text message, then you must try Voice messaging features of Whatsapp.
  • Group Chat: If you want to have some great fun with your friends then you can create Chat groups in Whatsapp and send messages in the group and Start having fun.
  • No advertisements: The best thing which I love about Whatsapp is No ads. While using Whatsapp you will not get irritating all around your Phone like usually Other apps have. Whatsapp doesn't use any advertisement.

Compatible Bada Phones

  • Samsung wave
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 LTE
  • Samsung Chat duos.
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830,
  • Samsung Galaxy S Duos 3
  • Samsung Chat.
  • Samsung Galaxy Star Advance G350E
  • Samsung wave 2 and many other Samsung bada & JAVA Mobiles.

How to download Whatsapp for Samsung bada Java Phone

After knowing so many cool features of Whatsapp you would be very exicted to download and install Whatsapp on your Samsung Java and Bada Mobile.
  • First you need to download .jar file and after that download .exe file for bada phones.
  • Now when you have downloaded, Connect your Phone to your Computer/PC via USB cable.
  • Then Place these downloaded files in your Smartphone connected via USB
  • Now Unplug your Phone and restart your Phone.
  • Now install the transferred file on your phone.
  • That's it.!! You have done now start using Whatsapp on your bada Phone.
Also you can download Whastapp for Samsung JAVA phones from here
 If you find this tutorial useful don't forget to share it with your friends and if you have any query related to this Guide feel free to ask in comments. Thanks for Reading

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Now}} Download WeChat for PC/Laptop free - Windows xp, 7, 8 and 8.1

Hey Guys we are back with a new Guide of WeChat for PC/Laptop. WeChat a messaging app which knocked the Indian market some time ago only, before that WeChat is popularly use in China. And recently Forbes has featured WeChat as one of the world's most powerful apps. WeChat is the Only Strong competitor of Whatsapp messenger as because of its Unique features offered to its users.

Features of WeChat for Computer - Windows 

WeChat app is available for free on Google Play Store, iTunes Store and Windows Phone Store. As the app has all the basic features which should be present in a messaging app such as unlimited text messages, Group messages, Sharing audio & Video files, Location Sharing and many other. But there are many other cool features which makes this a very popular messaging client. Such as:-

  • The Most dominating feature of WeChat is the ability to make Video call or Chat. This messaging app has in-built function through which you can have Video Chat with your dear one's without paying any penny.
  • Also you can have Voice Chat or enable it to walki-talki mode which is a unique feature in this app
  • Loaded with tons of Stickers or emoticon. You don't even need to type as you have wide variety of Stickers which you can send to your friends and make conversations more interesting.
  • You can also use "Shake" feature which will able to find peoples nearby you which are Shaking their Phone you can get in touch with them. If you love to make new friends this feature is surely for you.

How to Download/Install WeChat for PC or Laptop - Windows & MAC

As I mentioned above only WeChat is available for all Smartphone Platform for free, but yet its not available for Windows Computer/PC. But don't worry below I have a shared a trick to download and use WeChat on your Windows PC. Just Follow the below instruction:-
  • Download an Android emulator for your Computer. Here we're gonna use Bluestacks app Player as its available for free. (Download Bluestacks Offline Installer)
  • Now Install Bluestacks Player on your System by following the instruction placed on Screen.
  • Now Open Bluestacks software and search for 'WeChat" in the search bar.
  • You will Find it and press the Install button placed just next to it.
  • Wait for few seconds, as its download install WeChat on Computer.
That's it...!! You have downloaded WeChat on Computer. Just go to My Apps section, from there you can access WeChat. So I hope Guys you enjoyed this tutorial, if you have any query related to this guide feel free to ask in Comments.